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White marble effect how

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-15
White marble effect how? White marble effect how? varieties in our country is as high as more than 400, most of which is given priority to with white, high-end villa as a material for whole house custom are marble, at that time the solid surface sheets for sale with high-end, atmosphere, grade appeared in public view. National stone have been developing steadily in recent years, stone material cost increased foot years, enough to show more and more people choose stone used to decorate, decorating technology increasingly perfect, general decoration company is suggested to choose materials such as ceramic tile, head of the household is not marble effect is poor, affect some marble into thousands of home thousands of families are the main factors: 1; General marble marble installation process requirement is high, mostly in the form of dry hanging decoration to prevent stone base. At present, the solid surface sheets for sale dry hanging technology is not popular, require follow-up after installation to fill glue in polishing, no complex and require higher technology, inexperienced teacher didn't dare to try. 2; varieties, but regional marble varieties of a single, cannot satisfy the needs of customers, combined with decorate a company to recommend other products instead. The white marble can be applied in the living room wall
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