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White marble handicrafts maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-11
White solid surface sheets stone once upon a time history, history is long, for white solid surface sheets, good process to carving master performance skills and talents. But about protecting technology and technology of the people, can edify sentiment also can bring infinite vitality to day and assignments, and the illusion of limitless possibilities and infinite. But let beloved white solid surface sheets acrylic countertops collection youth and perhaps is a difficult problem, the following baoxing jade stone manufacturer is here to discuss the maintenance of stone carving handicraft. One, stone carving handicraft shoulds not be long in the hot sun exposure and cracking. carving handicraft like people, the same exposure, a brief 'heatstroke'. So in the time, they should consciously be aware of, especially don't put them in the window. Second, stone carving handicraft should not be placed in the very wet may be very monotonous. In a very humid environment, some of the acrylic countertops carving handicraft of 'MAO'. For example, green wingceltis handicraft will spit out the silver silk. Although it is a beautiful scenery, but according to my knowledge is still a lot of people don't like. Too drab environment, stone carving handicraft some might be some cracking phenomenon. And let's now days level is much higher than in the past. Relatively brief is reflected in the north in the day of the winter heating, summer can blow air conditioning. So don't toward the air conditioning will be aware of stone carving handicraft tuyere direct blow. Don't put him in a heating pipe. Three wall, stone carving handicraft should not be placed on fire, fire, fire resistance, near the fire. Arts and crafts is also need people to take care of, so as to save more.
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