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White marble in sichuan and hunan white marble advantage is introduced

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-20
White marble is a kind of relatively rare stone, because it is white, bright white, just as its name implies is called 'white marble'. Beautiful white marble due to the quality of a material, easy to carve, in recent years is widely used in the tombstone industry. But because the price is expensive, generally as a tombstone decoration. Why sichuan white marble stone of the price will be more expensive? Now the domestic well-known white marble mining area there are two places, one is in hunan, another is in sichuan. Because the two local white marble acrylic countertops material quality of a material difference, the price also. The difference is as follows: the advantage of sichuan white solid surface sheets: sichuan white marble texture is pure, quality of a material is very exquisite, pure white color rendering, less impurity content. Thin white marble stone under the illuminate of lamplight glittering and translucent bright white. Due to its jade-like acrylic countertops embellish luster, sichuan white solid surface sheets is more commonly used in carving decoration, such as: building decoration, tombstone of decorations, etc. Sichuan white marble compared with all stone, solid surface, fine stone, so the price will be more expensive. Hunan white marble disadvantage: hunan white marble with impurity is more, some color slants dark. As a sculpture, present the effect will be less sichuan white marble effect is good. Therefore, at present a luxury tombstone, if choose hunan white marble as a tombstone carved decorations, class could not come up! But its price is preferential, some will choose. Though the finest white marble material advantages, many, but because of its physical properties, have defects. It is relatively hard, but fragile brittle. Life watching white marble sculpture, can be found a characteristic: whether the lion, huabiao, or column or railing, no matter how beautiful, have never won't appear hollow out the grain. This is not a white marble carving master less competent people, but due to its own physical defects. So white marble sculpture, there is a school called 'jealousy'. Although white marble stone material physical properties is fragile, but tombstone carving finished product after polishing, it can guarantee the white marble tombstone one thousand years are not affected by weathering! This is why people will choose white marble tombstone stone is an important reason! The use of white marble in the tombstone: white marble block price is high, therefore, very few people will choose all of the tomb stone made from white marble, unless willing to spend big price to customize the luxurious tombstones, that is another matter. Excellent carved white marble stone, texture meticulous and hardness of the high-energy good work and to highlight tombstone is luxurious, and ensure that tombstone decoration art of visual effect, usually choose sichuan white marble acrylic countertops. As people pursuit of tombstone artistic value, now made of white marble tombstone demand is growing!
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