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White marble is equal to the marble, do not explain why building materials worth one hundred times

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-14
White solid surface sheets is not jade, is a kind of marble, white color purity, embedded flash crystal, is a valuable construction materials. Due to its special material, fine texture, very adapt to sculpture, rare in all ages of building more use it as raw material, such as the tiananmen huabiao, jinshui bridge, in front of the Forbidden City and the palace of the city base, stone steps, fence is made of white marble. In the history of the imperial palace mausoleum, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Ming tombs, and use a lot of white marble. Allegedly, since the han dynasty, people with this kind of like the jewels of materials to build the palace, temple decoration, carving of Buddha, ornament hall room, etc. Thus, white marble sculpture art creation aspects, has a history of more than 2000 years. White marble stone is one of the countries set limit to mining of stone material, one to four points. Nowadays, due to some reasons of rare mineral resources drying up, many businesses in the market to make the white marble statue of acrylic countertops powder pressing all use, or is the stone carved with a soft, pretending to be white marble products. With white solid surface sheets is quality of a material is solid, but fragile fragile, ordinary white marble weathering period, early decades long, short, a few years, or even just a few years there are stone layer cracking phenomenon. Only use top white solid surface sheets, can experience the weathering in tens of millions of years. So, can be called art, it must be with white marble top. Therefore, in fine white marble sculpture works of art are extremely rare. White marble acrylic countertops one of the most obscure features: that is to look into light, shining surface, like a person's perspiration, and hidden inside shallow grain stone, like the sweat through the traces. Therefore, white marble 'han', 'khan' are supposed to be sweaty. Because the practical since the han dynasty, so called white marble. Why have this statement? Can find out from a bowl. This white marble bowl round mouth, slightly out, arc, deep frying, short ring foot, crystal sizes began sweating body has a shape, light, visible eyeful Venus, light transparent, fine texture, carved with climbing branch lotus pattern, whole looks and gentle. Due to dirt caused by corrosion, local grain slightly blurred, but as you can see, it is to choose the high quality white marble one-meter-long block. There is a seal shape near the bowl badging. Inscribe words are design 'kangxi years,' local seal cutting off somewhat, but through a magnifying glass, fonts neat, specification, considerable capability. Can show that this bowl from the qing emperor kangxi era, and is enjoying, not daily. Because this kind of things most unearthed, after hundreds of years of pollution and weathering, dirt precipitation, infiltrating the bowl body, cause surface yellowing in the white bowl, local have dark spots and cracks. White marble and other natural stone material, porous material is a kind of breathing, easy to absorb moisture or other contamination. If absorbed too much moisture and contamination, inevitably causes a variety of pathological changes, such as: split, weathering, fall off, float, spit the phenomenon such as yellow, water spots, rusty spot, thus influence the beautiful bowl. Without the jade jade, stone without the stone. White marble is a natural stone material, more or less a little flaws. But, as art of early qing dynasty, the bowl of whether it is a material, or process, are presented the high artistic style. First by its material, as you can see, what is the real white marble. If you need to use white marble decorative stone house, or buy the art of white marble, might as well to do it.
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