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White marble sculpture, analyzing the characteristics of environmental friendly natural stone protective agent for everybody

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-13
White marble sculpture environment-friendly natural stone protective agent, the characteristics of environmental protective agent in water or other environmentally friendly solvents as the carrier of protective agent of organic silicon, organic fluorine, is the latest model of green stone protective agent. In daily life, we often can see the color of quietly elegant, texture clear, design beautiful marble. People used to use marble to decorate wall, make the desktop and all kinds of stationery and crafts. The hall of Beijing the imperial palace stylobate around the railing, is made of pure white marble. This kind of pure white solid surface sheets is called white marble. White marble: it is a kind of crystal white marble, white color purity, embedded flash crystal, spotless and solemn aesthetic feeling to the person. About 30% of the total production of solid surface sheets of white marble, much as a sculpture portrait, Buddha, animals and plants, etc. Existing technology will nano-sized metal ions, and silane, methyl silicate composite together, they produced a type of protective agent can be dispersed in the water, both the aqueous and oily protective agent of advantages, in principle, is to nanomaterials and silane, methyl silicate coupling, increase the content of organic silicon, can be dispersed in deionized water, acrylic countertops, clay, gypsum, and in the process of the scattered multi-function concrete protective agent. Kerb stone environmental protection agent is a kind of high permeable protective agent, its characteristic is strong permeability, waterproof, prevent oil, anti-fouling, alkali resistant material to penetrate the stone inside, and form a protective layer of crystalline. permeability is good, refuse evil force is strong, with the use of hydrophobic fluorine material, hou resistance is very obvious, make this kind of protective agent can play out the biggest protective effect, and has excellent resistance to weathering, of water of liquid with a strong repellency. Because of its use of environmentally friendly solvents or water, and thus is called the 'environmental protection agent'.
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