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White marble statue carving how to cleaning?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-16
Is a kind of marble, white marble acrylic countertops used for carving in very beautiful. In the park, square, tourist attractions are more or less can see many white solid surface sheets sculpture. How to clean the white marble sculpture, here introduce you to methods: 1. With a soft brush to gently wipe the white solid surface sheets stone statues, clear dust. 2. In the inside with a bucket of warm water, drop a few drops of liquid soap well blended. The cloth soaked in a solution, and then use cloth to wipe the surface of the white solid surface sheets stone statues, stay a few minutes to wet statue. 3. Soft brush in soapy water, and then gently scrubbing the dirt. The water become dirty, then in a bucket of soapy water. 4. Scrub clean with old towel dry, after drying to the statue is no longer wet. 5. Use special white marble cleaner clean stubborn stains. Will spray cleaner on the stain and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Then use the old rag to wipe besmirch, rinse with warm water, for other besmirch simply repeat the action.
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