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White marble stone carving stone lions

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-14
The lion, belongs to the feline mammal. The male physique vigorous, big face, play with temminick hair, posture is very brave. Was not China, is in the HanWu emperor period, zhang qian to the western regions is successful, the lion was entered China. lions, a symbol of the guardian, auspicious, peace. White marble stone lions, just carved stone carving material with white marble, white marble and rare acrylic countertops material is a kind of white, is actually a kind of ancient culture, up to now, there are still many people prefer this lion. White marble stone lions placement is male left female right, in many garden sites in China. All sorts of modelling of stone lions are everywhere. Yamun of ancient temple, club house front door, put a pair of stone lions to town house guard. Until modern times, many building front door, and the stone was laid a great legacy is still widely. Complexity and carving techniques determine white solid surface sheets acrylic countertops price in addition to the special requirements, the difficulty of general sculpture or better classification. According to carving method classification: the round & gt; Valuable. such handiwork & gt; Carve & gt; Embossed & gt; Yin carving & gt; Eagle shallow; According to the theme and the complexity of the tired classification: special design & gt; Carved flowers & gt; Figure & gt; Flowers & gt; Works of calligraphy and painting & gt; Landscape & gt; The signboard. Period length decision price belongs to the arts and crafts of white marble, white marble works even if the present science and technology developed, some processes available machinery, such as cutting machine, electric tool polishing applications, but the key or manual operation. Craft artisans are difficult technical type of work, it is must need working hours, lack of time has to do with master advanced technology to come, which requires the craftsman eyesight, the hands of kung fu.
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