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White marble stone cleaning and maintenance of the how to do?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-14
Now in a lot of small square of the city or the park, to be able to see all kinds of white solid surface sheets stone, the stone ornamental value is very high, looks very beautiful, and can and a variety of scenery, make environment looks more harmonious, but still the material of this kind of stone carving is stone, so have to do a good job cleaning and maintenance, to keep its ornamental value for a long time, so in the cleaning and maintenance process of stone carving, need to pay attention to what issues? First to do is clean, in order to avoid the white marble stone, after put for a long time, is all sorts of dust or water erosion, it is necessary to regularly to clean, every once in a while just need to clear off the surface of the dust, and also need to use the cloth to wipe, if there have been some stains on the surface of, and not easy to clean, can also use some of the more soft little shovel gently peel, but be careful not to damage the surface of stone, in the process of cleaning, some special cleaner can also be used for cleaning, but choose cleaner must be used when no corrosive. On the other hand, is the need for routine maintenance, because in the process of white marble acrylic countertops is put for a long time, it will be affected by a variety of side dish, so only do a good job in maintenance can prolong the ornamental effect, after a long time of weathering, prone to the phenomenon of weathering, if is collection time, therefore, must be placed in dry and clean environment, avoid the sun, if too much dust, affect the ornamental effect, and so many precious white marble stone, tend to be placed in the glass cabinet, this not only will not affect viewing, also is very beneficial to save. For white solid surface sheets stone, also can use sealing wax preservation measures, so to be able to white solid surface sheets stone acrylic countertops and stone material is isolated from other easy to corrosion, not only that, but for tarnished stone, in the smear of paraffin, also can let them get new luster, it can also make the acrylic countertops carving works look brand new. For white marble stone, in order to be able to long-term keep ornamental effect, and its value, it is necessary to do daily cleaning and maintenance work, only in this way can let the stone after long put still look brand-new, so in many cases, must pay attention to these stone carving works of maintenance and cleaning. And for a white marble stone put in outdoor, because can withstand sun, and may also suffer more dust, so be sure to more frequent cleaning and maintenance.
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