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White marble stone exhibition

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-14
In recent years, the building use natural white marble railings, such as the white solid surface sheets stone, build a natural simple atmosphere become a trend. From China Council for the Promotion of International Trade construction industry branch of white marble railings, according to 'China international white marble stone products and white marble stone technology and equipment exhibition ( STONETECH) 'Through this global exhibition organizers association ( U - FI) Certification, one of global exhibition organizers association members. The theme of 'close to nature, to seek harmony' of the new exhibition 10 solstice on April 13, held in Shanghai new international expo center, there are high, universal, conley leading enterprises at home and from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Morocco and other countries of the pavilion exhibitors. 'China international white solid surface sheets acrylic countertops products and white marble stone technology and equipment exhibition' since 1993, has successfully held the 12th, already developed now become the size of the first in Asia, and the scale of the fourth world professional white solid surface sheets stone exhibition. Global exhibition organizers association ( UFI) Was founded in 1925, the global exhibition industry has a great deal of authority and influence, at present in 67 countries on five continents, 137 city a total of 172 members. UFI approved its members to host the 580 expo ( The exhibition) Is a professional exhibition, more than 80% of them. Association to join the global exhibition organizers can be said to be the 'China international white marble stone products and white marble stone technology and equipment exhibition' milestone in the process of the development, is the important step to realize international fair.
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