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White marble stone is valuable

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-14
Sichuan white marble stone mainly of calcium carbonate, is a kind of compound, a form of limestone, embedded flash crystal, give a person the aesthetic feeling, spotless and solemn. White marble stone hard, white stone radiant with fresh water seal in the body, commonly known as sweat line, so the name of white marble. Sichuan white marble stone is China's ancient royal architecture, sculpture, use of the precious stone, the imperial palace, the temple of heaven, tiananmen jinshui bridge and other classical architecture has extensive use. The monument to the people's heroes, great hall of the people, chairman MAO memorial hall and so on contemporary national engineering, also have a wide range of applications. They are used by the white solid surface sheets, especially Beijing fang shan magmatic rock quarry nest town high-chuang village west of the produce of a acrylic countertops. Jade represents the level of the qing dynasty jade emperor qianlong era. This period of skillful craftsman to inherit and use of past dynasties cut jade process valuable experience, draw lessons from paintings and carvings on foreign technology, creatively developed a distinct era characteristic of cut jade art. Jade emperor qianlong period is divided into two big mainstream: time of antique jade and jade. In addition, there are imitation mark stein jade. Antique jade has two kinds: one kind is archaize yi yu; Another is the imitation of han yu. When make is another clear jade jade mainstream, shape rich variety, design and workmanship are very rich. Mark stein jade jade also said India, western called mogul, jade has a style of Arab and decorative pattern, its characteristic is polishing, thin as paper. White jade-like stone embellish, grain is exquisite, modelling is lightweight, round mouth, slightly out, arc, deep frying, short ring foot, outside wall under the edge on continuous palindrome and ruyi yuntou and single grain edge, shallow carved among qianlong imperial acknowledged: 'misrepresented that 5 to the river, the original is a product to spirit especially. Mine is with the county, the soil gong into the spring and autumn period. In the amount of material 椀 round and big, Pi color sank as fat does not float. Why should burn magnetic Jane dayi, buckle true jade real talent, hit the ball. 'Signature' qianlong decyl the third summer royal problem ', then engraved 'dry' chapter 'lung' double word square. The jade bowl, with makings fastidious, colour and lustre is wen wan, dainty design, make beautiful, have more sense to act the role ofing, combined with the 'qianlong emperor' jade is relatively rare, so more show precious. Sichuan white marble acrylic countertops, 'jade' word speak the characteristics of the white marble, white marble in fact not jade, but a kind of solid surface sheets, was named after the jade jade-like acrylic countertops embellish luster, because it can through the light thin place. 'White' the word refers to its white is bright enough, shiny enough, turn to the sun, can achieve the result that with Venus. And most importantly, the 'han' word. But the 'han' is a wrong character. White marble 'han', 'khan' are supposed to be sweaty. 'Khan' represents the most obscure white marble one feature: the real white marble, not pure white and flawless, implicit but shallow grain, like a sweaty marks. Some knowledge about white solid surface sheets, did you know?
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