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White marble white marble, in addition to what?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-14
White solid surface sheets for sale because it was known as the essence of the magnificent jade, and its use has been used in more carved Buddha railing, although great demand on building decoration, but due to limited production of the country, so people often will pursue other white marble for decoration. Popular market now white marble varieties have Italian noble and elegant, the sky was a fish-belly grey Greece Sir Dignified and elegant white and beautiful and elegant white, each adornment effect extremely high atmosphere, but because are imported, so the price will be higher. In China of coarse whiting hezhou white in addition to the high strength, toughness, and high performance-price ratio. Its adornment style is concise and elegant, representing the romantic and purity. White can be said to be the domestic marble treasure, in the high-end project choice, price is king. Make the baluster is bringing a jade temperament. Elegant romantic table, tea table, wall and beautiful atmosphere. White marble varieties are: white ash grain, moderate hardness, is often used as some engineering floor tile. White Huang Wen and has a strong light, high hardness, is the choice of background wall decoration. Earl grey, like hermes, ash, high hardness, adornment effect is good, adornment can make water knife spelling a flower. Bruce grey to light grey and pattern features, most of the time will be used as a table, tea table, etc. Calcium carbonate content is more than 99% of white marble, white is greater than 95 degrees, with high whiteness, purity, hue and soft, stable chemical composition, do not contain sulfur and other harmful elements such as characteristic, enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. Shi Li stones industry has a professional design team, professional and technical + equipment diversified personalised = + one-stop decoration answer to all problems. Deep solid surface sheets for sale industry for 13 years, and always adhere to the quality strives for the survival, powered by innovation, by the good faith seeks the development, unceasingly enterprising, struggle together, to the ideal of a higher place.
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