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White marble with baoxing white comparative analysis

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-16
White solid surface sheets acrylic countertops marble 'witnessed several dynasties rise and fall of the Chinese nation. Feudal generation of royal palaces, imperial gardens, and royal mausoleum, in the construction of the ubiquitous 'China white'. Can say in the noble, serious, elegant sculpture of material selection, 'China white' role is irreplaceable. 'China white' ore deposit is located in Beijing well high-chuang, stone nest area, high-chuang stope mining of stone in 1999 by the national standard ( ( Natural stone material uniform number, named as 'well high white marble' Numbers for Mll0l; pit stope of stone entitled 'nest white marble stone house', Numbers for Mlll3; In fact two stope belong to the same deposits and ore bodies. Baoxing hundred 'baoxing white acrylic countertops' is in the 1980 s in ya 'an district treasure xingxian of sichuan province, developed a kind of good quality white marble, was discovered in recent years at home among the white marble, especially in the 1990 s, with the increase of 'baoxing white' production and increase of demand, 'baoxing white' has become a domestic and international famous and precious stone and baoxing white in the natural stone material unified numbering the stone varieties named as 'baoxing white solid surface sheets, Numbers for MS101.
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