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Why is the palace of the guardrail is not sunset red? But the white marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-16
Now sunset red stone sunrise red, also known as magic stones, color acrylic countertops, such as name, its place in the acrylic countertops market, because of its complex and natural decorative pattern, colour is gorgeous, much used in landscape design, mainly use stone style, type belongs to the dearth of domestic landscape stone. The cause of it is the result of ongoing fold, distorted and the overlying crust, wrong layer, fault and other geological movement, which changes the state of original rock, in different strata, ground temperature, interaction and mutual reaction after weathering, forming the nature such as ornamental. An evening red can make landscape stone, wind water polo, elephant, stone and other kinds of works of art. railings is the most common part of Chinese traditional architecture, can be used as the rail enclosure, in order to avoid danger, can have the effect of different regions separated. The so-called 'jade zhu bar', refers to is made of white solid surface sheets stone into the palace of stone stairs and guardrails. Huabiao, jinshui bridge before such as tiananmen square, the Forbidden City palace base, stone steps, fence, are made of white marble stone. The palace of the white solid surface sheets railings are all made of white marble stone carve, specifications, fancy in general, the layout of the white marble railings, trends, along with the main architecture of the palace, a wide variety of rail like ray and jumpy note, let a person looks like fun. The highest temple hall of supreme harmony, adopt a YunLongWen stigma a cloud air tattoo stigma in every way: as the meridian gate, because the level below the gate, the pomegranate stigma; In jinshui bridge along the white solid surface sheets bar rod, using 24 gas type stigma. The Palace Museum in this also calls for the social public can take care of the Palace Museum together the world cultural heritage, put an end to uncivilized behavior. No matter what type of fence, set all can be said to be helpless. In the future, with the improvement of audience civilization degree, in the case of ensure the protection of cultural relics can get better, the Palace Museum will take into consideration the dismantle parapet facilities ( Gate of bronze lions fence has removed) 。 Because white marble stone material quality of a material is very good, and connect fully, so there are a lot of places can choose according to a white marble sculpture.
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