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Why the more expensive the stone material of artificial cost is more expensive?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-11
A lot of people don't understand why the more expensive the required artificial stone is more expensive, can it really be better rich fool? Is it true? A lot of people don't understand why the more expensive the required artificial stone is more expensive, can it really be better rich fool? Is it true? Let's look at decorative stone to the problems and solutions. 1 white stone typographical errors metope stone from the ground stone diagonal impassability, stone and stone dock 45 degree Angle, line does not reach the designated position, inaccurate stay in place. Corresponding measures. Typesetting order around the edge of the stone to make the whole piece. material to be present when installation, according to the size of the cut after try to spell, so we can ensure the installation after the completion of each Angle of oblique spell accurately polices, equipment need maintenance, often keep no problem. 2 white marble whiskering whiskering reason for solid surface sheets for sale solid surface sheets for sale source material appeared in the process of purchase or purchase dark grain, fracture or construction method improper operation, on the back of remove stone material moistureproof network were will stone protective layer. Time is the foundation and the excess moisture causes stone whiskering. Preventive measures; Form of dry hanging stone design as far as possible, reduce prevent moisture infiltration, moreover applicable shall apply mutatis mutandis to coating stone treatment agent, a block of stone material, the effect of pore building materials moisture penetration. With stick with the appropriate cement mortar mixed with water reducing agent, to reduce the Ca ( 哦) 2 precipitation, the appropriate method of paste slurry consistency for 6 ~ 8 cm, the method of grouting mortar consistency degree appropriate for 8 ~ 12 cm. Construction stone to do supervisory work, workers need high technical personnel. 3 steel stair step stone empty drum stone shop is stuck on the steel plate directly, stairs, normal use stone material surface uneven deformation, make the steel stair produces vibration cause stone empty drum. Due to the difference of steel plate thickness, strong point and spacing and produce different rebound, rebound is greater than the bond force between mortar and steel plate, lead to stone and steel plate empty drum off. Precautions: stone before the shop is stuck, must be used mixed sand after full steel surface at the grass-roots level, to use steel or steel wire net shop is stuck on the steel frame, with cement mortar to spread at the same time, make the steel frame and basic form as a whole, and then the shop is stuck stone 4 error caulking agent for different color stone filled seam an agent with the same kind of color, then finished product thick seams, affect beautiful. Preventive measures; Different wall mounted bar countertop material with different caulking agent. A qualified decorative stone need technical equipment of the tools and techniques, stone material to the higher technical requirements, the more expensive the equipment requirement is high also natural and artificial cost will be high.
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