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Winter bathroom: waterproof strategy - bathroom, waterproof

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-02

◆Decoration: Waterproofing can not cut corners The waterproofing of bathrooms can greatly alleviate the problem of dampness, especially bathrooms with poor ventilation conditions, which should be waterproofed during decoration. Try to choose brand waterproof materials and paint in strict accordance with the construction process. The key to moisture-proofing is to try not to move or reduce the movement of bathroom pipes. If you want to change the pipeline, the construction details of waterproofing should be more strict, not only the pipeline needs to be horizontal and vertical, and the laying is firm, but the root of the pipeline must be cleaned and repainted 2-3 times before painting the waterproof material, especially the floor drain. It is set at the lower part of the bathroom floor to facilitate the discharge of running water

After the waterproofing project is completed, a 24-hour water avoidance test must be carried out, the drain of the bathroom should be blocked, and the toilet should be covered with water for 3-4 hours. Centimeter thick, check for leakage after 24 hours, if there is no leakage, the waterproof layer can be successfully waterproofed. In addition, valves, water and other pipe fittings should also wear waterproof coats, the exposed pipes should be painted with anti-rust paint, and the hidden pipes should be painted with anti-corrosion paint. Ceramic sanitary ware, stainless steel and other hardware appliances (shower head, water, etc.) should be regularly cared for. It is better to use toothpaste and toothbrush when decontamination, the friction is small but the cleaning effect is very good, it will not destroy the protective film on the sanitary ware, and effectively prevent mildew. ◆Material selection: Try to choose waterproof and moisture-proof sheet The moisture-proof performance of the materials used in the bathroom is also very important. The floor of the bathroom is better to choose ceramic tiles and whole body tiles, which have better moisture-proof effect and are easier to clean. Ceramic tiles are generally used on the walls. If special materials such as waterproof wallpaper are required, the ventilation conditions of the bathroom must be considered. The board of bathroom furniture should not be sloppy. The cabinet board of the furniture should choose waterproof and moisture-proof boards. When choosing, pay attention to the treatment of the furniture backboard. The backboard with double decorative veneer can avoid the exposure of the MDF substrate and the water vapor. It is not easy to enter the board from the back of the cabinet, and it has a good moisture-proof effect. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the edge sealing of the furniture is tight. Too thin edge sealing can easily lead to water vapor penetration. When placing bathroom furniture, pay attention to the distinction between dry and wet. Try to place the furniture away from the bathroom cabinet with good ventilation. If the bathroom is poorly ventilated, you can ask the designer to design a water-blocking screen to plan the dry and wet areas. . ◆Maintenance: Do a good job of daily moisture-proof treatment The bathroom needs to do a good job of daily moisture-proof treatment, otherwise it will easily lead to indoor water vapor accumulation, causing immersion to furniture and hardware, resulting in corrosion and mildew. After washing and bathing, there will be a lot of water droplets and water vapor in the bathroom. If the bathroom has a window, be sure to open the window for ventilation, and then clean the residual water droplets on the ground with a mop. Bathroom hardware, water vapor and water droplets also need to be cleaned regularly, especially after showering, there are a lot of water droplets on the hardware, which should be cleaned with a dry cloth in time. The back of bathroom furniture is often overlooked when cleaning, and it is easy to condense more condensed water. Therefore, it is better to leave appropriate gaps for cleaning when placing bathroom furniture, or choose a bathroom cabinet with the front, back and bottom suspended to clean up condensation. Water is very convenient

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