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Winter Jacuzzi Brings New Enjoyment to Comfortable Life-Jacuzzi, Comfortable Life, New Enjoyment

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-20

After a day of intense work, my body is exhausted, and I always want to find a way to relieve my tired body and mind. At this time, we will choose to take a hot bath, the water temperature can speed up blood circulation, thereby eliminating fatigue. If the bathtub has a massage function, a stereo, and some light music, the feeling of being in it is very good. 1. Buying a Jacuzzi A Jacuzzi is usually considered a kind of bathroom equipment. People want to buy it, and they go to the decoration bathroom equipment store, but no one has seen it in the electrical store. In fact, the Jacuzzi is different from the ordinary bathtub, it is a kind of household appliance, a kind of gorgeous electrical equipment. The jacuzzi is mainly composed of two parts, the cylinder body and the massage system. The cylinder part is nothing but bathtubs of various shapes, and the materials are mostly steel or acrylic; while the massage system consists of visible nozzles in the cylinder and hidden pipes, motors, and control boxes behind the bathtub. This massage system is the key to buying a jacuzzi, and it is also the part that most people don't know much about jacuzzi. There should be 3 steps to buy a jacuzzi: understand the nozzle, listen to the motor, and view the details. 2. Partial introduction 1. Nozzles There are nozzles distributed on the wall and bottom of the massage bathtub, ranging from two pairs to as many as ten pairs. It uses water to achieve the effect of massage. The nozzles at the bottom of the cylinder are mainly used to massage the back, and the nozzles on the cylinder wall are mainly used to massage the soles of the feet, the sides of the body and the shoulders. According to the configuration of the nozzle, the massage bathtub is generally divided into two types: single system and mixed system. Single system, there are single water jet and single jet; combined system, is the combination of water jet and jet. To buy what kind of massage bathtub, you must know the efficacy of the nozzles and the combination of nozzles. 2. There are two types of water spray nozzles, one is to spray water from the nozzle through pipes and pumps; the other is a turbine nozzle, each nozzle has a separate motor, and the water flows from the nozzle. Inhale from all sides, then spray from the middle, and massage the spray nozzle through the water flow.

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