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woman held for stealing wash basins, commode seats | mumbai news - times of india

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-24
Mumbai: A former sex worker has been arrested by the Railway Protection Force as a waste seller (RPF)
After she stole the washbasin and toilet from an empty long seat
Stop by the long train at Ghatkopar on Saturday.
Sarita Gupta, 45, told RPF that she used to get sick.
She also made a living selling food for a while, but she found it difficult to make ends meet.
Murdo lives in the west of Jhunjhunwala gatkpa College.
She has no criminal record of the past. Around 10.
30 in the morning, the RPF personnel on patrol noticed that Gupta got off from the female coach of LTT.
Raxaul Karmabhoomi said.
The train stops on the Ring Line between platform 5 and platform 6 and will depart on Sunday.
Gupta is carrying a white sack, which makes the RPF staff feel suspicious.
They checked the bag and found that there were three wash basins in addition to the two toilet seats, weighing a total of 16 kilograms, worth Rs 800.
Gupta, who has been selling scrap for the past two to three months, plans to sell commode seats and washbasins.
\"She steals as much as she can.
We seized stolen items from her.
Since we are unable to detain a woman over the weekend, we will bail her out.
She will appear in the railway court on Monday.
Our officer will verify her address tonight, \"said Brajesh Kumar, an investigation officer at Ghatkopar RPF.
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