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woman shot dead: ‘rebuffed’ neighbour shoots woman at reception desk, then kills himself | noida news - times of india

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-29
The agency is said to have been attacked: a month-year-
Former part-time BCom student
At the hospital on Tuesday night, her neighbor 23-year-
Apparently the old man who has been chasing her for several months has been rejected.
Then Bobby, the man, pointed his gun at himself.
Two people died on the spot and Bobby was in a private hospital a few hours later.
At around seven o\'clock P. M. , Bobby rushed into the Lifeline Hospital of Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad and went straight to the reception to face Jyoti Gautam.
The student did an evening front desk job there.
Priyanka, a colleague of Jyoti, told police that Bobby had started a conversation with Jyoti, which turned into an argument.
Then he suddenly took out a gun. a country-made weapon)
Police say he shot Jyoti in the chest.
The woman fell to the ground.
Before the people around him didn\'t respond, Bobby loaded a bullet into the gun and shot at his chest.
Police say Jyoti and Bobby live in Zone 9 of Vijay Nagar.
\"Bobby followed her for a few months, and a few days ago she accused him, which may have angered him,\" a police officer quoted Priyanka as saying . \".
The official said that Jyoti worked as a receptionist at Lifeline Hospital for a year and a half and died on the spot when Bobby died of bullet injuries at MMG hospital.
\"Both Jyoti and Bobby suffered bullet damage,\" said Neeraj Kumar Singh of Vijay Nagar police station . \".
\"Preliminary investigations revealed that Bobby knew Jyoti because they were neighbors and fascinated by her, but Jyoti refused his progress and they had a spat a few days ago.
Bobby, with a country.
Made the pistol, came to the hospital, after talking to her, from point-
Blank range, \"Singh said.
The chief medical director of jk Tyagi at MMG hospital said, \"Both were taken to the hospital around eight o\'clock P. M.
Jyoti was declared dead and Bobby died a few minutes later.
Police say Bobby\'s parents died and he lives with his grandparents.
Neither of them can be contacted.
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