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Yongchang Sanitary Ware teaches you how to choose a bathroom cabinet-Yongchang Sanitary Ware, choose a bathroom cabinet

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

People often ask what is good service. In fact, a good product is a better service. Because good products can not only bring consumers a good experience, but also reduce a lot of unnecessary after-sales troubles for consumers. Yongchang Sanitary Ware, as an advocating enterprise of fashionable sanitary ware, will, as always, provide consumers with a large number of affordable special products. So, what kind of bathroom cabinet can be regarded as a good bathroom cabinet? Now, let us share some tips when choosing a bathroom cabinet. 1. Select the base material. The base material is the main component of the bathroom cabinet, and its service life directly affects the service life of the entire bathroom cabinet. The most important thing in choosing a substrate is to choose a material with stable properties. The bathroom environment is relatively humid, and some materials are easily deformed by moisture, which will affect the appearance and use. In addition, the bathroom cabinet is durable furniture. If the material is not stable enough, it will age and discolor after a long time of use, which will also affect the use experience. Second, choose the style. Some consumers are used to falling in love at first sight, and they buy the bathroom cabinet when they see the beautiful style. But after I bought it, I found that it didn't look as good as I imagined in the bathroom. This is because consumers do not consider the decoration style of the bathroom when choosing the style, but only consider whether the style looks good before purchasing. If consumers are not sure whether the style of the bathroom cabinet is consistent with the style of their own bathroom, they can inform the home improvement consultant of the specialty store about the decoration situation and listen to the professional advice of the home improvement consultant. Third, choose a ceramic basin. Many consumers choose ceramic basins when they choose bathroom cabinets and basins, because ceramic basins have various styles and feel beautiful and generous. Ceramic basins generally choose basins with complete vitrification, low water absorption, and exquisite glazing. Such a pot is not easy to hang dirty, not easy to scratch, and not easy to change color and age after long-term use. Generally, ceramic basins fired at a high temperature of 1250 degrees can achieve complete vitrification, so that the water absorption rate is low. 4. Choice. There are many styles of bathroom cabinets, including ordinary and practical, water-saving and environmentally friendly, and convenient for shampooing, etc. Consumers can choose according to their own habits. But no matter what you choose, you must pay attention to understand the material used for the valve core. The switch depends on the spool, which is as important as the engine of an airplane. The better ones on the market use ceramic spools, because the ceramic spools are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and have a long service life. Fifth, choose a drainage system. The drainage system is a component that is easily overlooked. If the drainage system is not selected properly, it will bring various troubles to the user, such as blockage of the drainage pipe, odor of the drainage pipe, excessive space occupied by the pipe and so on. Before purchasing, consumers can consult a home improvement consultant whether the drainage pipe has been specially optimized. Generally, powerful brands have carried out corresponding research and development on this. Sixth, choose accessories. Accessories such as hinges, rails, and foot pads are another part that is often overlooked by consumers. As the saying goes, details determine success or failure, and many troubles are caused by a small accessory that is not done well. Cabinets with bad hinges will easily damage the door; cabinets with poor guide rails will have serious switching noise; cabinets without foot pads will easily corrode the feet of the cabinet. Details are the places that can better reflect the brand gap. Seventh, choose a brand. Even if ordinary consumers know the method of identification, it is not a simple matter to distinguish the quality of bathroom cabinets due to less contact. So, the choice of brand is particularly important. Well-known professional brands generally pay more attention to quality, and consumers can buy with more confidence. Consumers can make a simple understanding on the Internet before purchasing, for example, to know which brands are China's top ten sanitary ware brands, and what their respective strengths are.

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