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a stainless steel patek philippe you may actually be able to buy

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-07
Published by Jack ForsteronHodinkee. The ref. 5212A-
001 Calatrava weekly calendar is rare for Patek Philippe.
The 52 12a is made of a stainless steel housing, rather than a precious metal housing commonly used for Calatravas.
52 12a in addition to showing the days of the week and the date, it also shows the days of the week of the year.
The week is numbered according to the ISO 8610 standard, which states that the first full week of any year must start on Monday, not Sunday, and the first full week of the year is January 4.
A feature of the standard is that the occasional year will contain 53 weeks instead of 52 weeks, which is reflected in the calendar mechanism and numbering scheme on the dial (
According to Patek, typography is unique and is based on the handwriting of a watch designer).
The date is corrected from the Crown, and the work day and week number instructions can all be adjusted by setting up the two correctors on the side of the chassis.
The owner will be able to correct any instructions at any time, during the day or at night without risk of damaging the mechanism.
The new movement for the watch is Caliber 26-
330, it is based on self
Winding caliber 324. It is 26.
6mm in diameter, 4. 82mm thick (
Add 1 calendar work.
The height is 52mm to 3 of the basic caliber.
Height 30mm so specified).
In addition to the calendar work, there are other new features.
The driving wheel of the second is LIGA-
Manufactured and equipped with a special profile and one minute tooth defense
The bounce spring can make up for any deficiency in the drive system.
In addition, the stop second mechanism is designed to \"kick-
When the Crown pushes back, start \"balancing to get better precision-
Set and eliminate low
Often accompanied by the frequency interval of the watch whose restart balance has stopped.
This is an interesting development for Patek in several ways.
In a larger context, any version of Natilus In steel, reference 5711A, or Aquanaut, other than the most loyal customers of authorized dealers, is a valid tool for anyone.
In recent years, due to soaring demand for sports watches and bracelet watches, Calatravas and other sophisticated watches have been struggling to sell on a large scale.
While Natilus is the most watched watch, it accounts for a very small percentage of Patek Philippe\'s sales, and they have always been candidates who want to keep it that way.
A major part of their strategy seems to be to make their round and sophisticated watches look less fashionable-for example, the 5172g Watch announced this week, with a retro-style case and dial and a calf, instead of the crocodile belt, references 2499 and 3970 may have a nod, in order to work further to combine increasingly less formal visual cues in a watch. Theref.
The 5522A pilot\'s caratrava at the grand exhibition in New York is an example of steel caratrava, but this is limited edition;
This is probably the first series.
In modern times, stainless steel round watches are produced by Patek.
All other references 5004A, 5565A and 5522A are limited production watches designed for collectors.
On the other hand, 52 12a seems to be a mainstream seriesproduced, non-
Limited edition watch.
In the retro era, there is a precedent for round steel filming;
References 96, 570 and 565 are all steel, it would be interesting to see if the rarity of steel in modern production would be interesting, as well as a clear market interest in stainless steel, less formal
Looking for clocks will turn into new enthusiasm.
Brand: Patek Philips Model: Calatrava weekly calendar reference number: 52 12a-
001 diameter: 40mm thickness: 10.
79 mmCase material: stainless steel dial color: Silver opaline, black font, handwritten index based on designer: Black 18 k white gold, four facetsWater Resistance: 30 m strap/bracelet: handmade 26-
330 s c j SEFunctions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, days of the week and star number diameter: 26. 6mmThickness:4.
82 mmPower Reserve: Minimum 35, maximum 45-hour winding: Automatic frequency: 4Hz (28,800 vph)
Jewelry: 50 extra details: Spiromax silicon balance Gyromax balance price: 29,500 Swiss francs
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