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Attention! Setting wall is selected it is important to note that the marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-21
More and more now, background wall decoration materials. Small make up today to be in the following paragraphs to give you say how to install and solid surface sheets for sale solid surface sheets for sale wall of setting of setting wall related knowledge. For consumers, buying marble background wall, all want to buy a better quality, fashionable products, so that you can meet the needs of their own, to ensure that the overall effect. At the time of purchase, therefore, should be to understand specific selection methods. In the selection of time, usually for concrete material, the material different quality will also vary accordingly. Second should also want to know the specific manufacturer, factory profile is higher, the effect will be better. When selected, of course, and should know something about the marble wall of setting of prices. The setting wall of different price is not the same, basically see the process and effect of setting wall, on the market at present the price of a plane iridescence in 250 - about In about 300-350, relief Between 500 and some custom of character, or design more features may be more expensive. Variety of marble stone, according to the different stone material, the price is different also. For example: imported marble material price 360 yuan/m squared above, process cost 40 yuan/m squared, labor and materials, 80 - in general 100 yuan. Has its own mines, engaged in stone industry for 12 years, marble mining, processing, deep processing as a whole, the company has passed the national quality management system and environmental management system certification, and established a perfect quality management system and innovation of science and technology agency.
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