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Attention: Small taboos in bathroom design for wedding rooms - wedding rooms, bathroom taboos

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-02

It is a great event in life for lovers to be married, and it is also a continuation of human life from heaven to earth. This is a great joy in the world. However, people go to the other side of the red carpet together and build a warm new home. The bridal chamber in the home has been designed with mental and physical strength, and it is the spiritual peace of every couple. Unfortunately, often after getting married and living together, ignorant quarrels change from passionate love to cold war. The tragedy of the family begins from then on, alas! How much sadness, blood and tears in the world. How many people calmly seek a solution? Most people only rely on examining each other's faults, and often forget to examine their own right and wrong, and even fewer people pay attention to the right or wrong arrangement in the bridal chamber. After decades of traveling in the world, I have seen a lot of the beginning and end of life's tragedies. Today, I sincerely describe the essentials of the bridal chamber arrangement in detail, for the reference of the unmarried, the married, or your relatives and friends! The location of the bridal chamber is better in a sunny position. If the light is too dark, it will easily make the two people feel bored and overwhelmed. The air in the bridal chamber should be unblocked, so as to avoid the smell of new furniture and decoration wood (avoid ebony, black), and the smell of paint from clogging the respiratory system and affecting the mind. The walls, furniture, and curtains of the bridal chamber should not use pink as much as possible, which will cause people to have neurasthenia, panic, anxiety, and easy temper tantrums, and quarrels are bound to happen often. If the color of the bridal room is too dark, such as dark blue, dark green, dark red, dark gray, etc., it is easy to make the couple feel unhappy. The color of the bridal room floor should not be too dark, or bright red, extra red, pink, easy to make people short-tempered, and a lot of quarrels. If the bridal room carpet, bed linen, and curtains are all red, there are more chances of having a girl. For the bed in the bridal chamber, Baihu could not force it, causing the husband and wife to lose peace (Mr. is more popular). The bed in the bridal chamber is unreliable and the tiger party is imminent, causing the husband and wife to lose peace. On both sides of the bed in the bridal chamber, the door of the bathroom should not be faced, and the body will not be well. The bed in the bridal chamber should not face the bathroom door. The newlyweds are uneasy, with colic pain in the heart, and strange qi in the lower abdomen that is hard to go away. Don't put the TV in front of the bed in the bridal chamber, beware of neurasthenia. In the bridal chamber, in front of the bed and on the left and right sides, it is better not to look in the big mirror, and there are many tongues. On the bedside table of the bridal room, do not put any sound on it, so as not to cause neurasthenia or the disaster of speech. Above the bedside of the bridal chamber, it is better not to hang the big wedding photos. On both sides of the bedside pillows in the bridal chamber, they should not be shot by the corner of the cabinet or the corner of the cabinet, desk, and dressing table, which is easy to make people uncomfortable. The side of the foot of the bed in the bridal chamber should not face the toilet door, as it will cause sore feet. The ceiling of the bridal chamber should not be decorated with various colors and strange shapes, and beware of gossip, sky and earth, and all kinds of diseases. The ceiling color of the bridal chamber should not be red or dark blue (the effect is light). It is better for the Qinglong side of the bed in the bridal room to be close to the wall or near the wall. Yishengnan (Dragon Weigui) The bed in the bridal room cannot be pressed against the beam, and it is fine if the ceiling is decorated. The bed in the bridal room is not by the floor-to-ceiling window, the sun is too strong, and the couple is uneasy. The layout of the wall charts in the bridal chamber strives to be simple and elegant, and the number of artistic photos and wall charts is also minimized. There is no sound on the white tiger side in the bed of the bridal chamber, and there are many disputes of words (injuring people hurting people). Do not rush to the door on both sides of the head of the bed in the bridal room, it will easily make people feel uneasy, uncomfortable and unhealed. The above are some points that have been summarized over the years. As long as the layout of the bridal chamber does not violate the above points, there is no need to consider the direction of the bed. If you only focus on the direction and violate the above rules, it is also useless.

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