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establishing a bathroom remodeling budget

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-04-15
Designing and planning your bathroom renovation project is one of the most important steps in the bathroom renovation process.
Planning your bathroom remodel is not as easy as going to a local home improvement shop, buying some tiles, a new dresser and some new fixtures, going home and starting to separate your bathroom.
If you try this method, you will soon realize that it is not an effective or productive method.
A very important part of the bathroom renovation project is to make a budget for your project. .
In order to provide you with a starting point, I detail the basic material cost of the bathroom renovation.
Please be aware that these costs are a general estimate of the basic bathroom remodel that will guide you in determining your budget. * Permits -
My budget license fee is about 10% of the total cost of the building. * Tile -
$7 to $15 per square foot
The cost of the tile varies depending on the number of tiles required and the type of tile selected
For more information on tiles, please refer to the first few articles I have recently written --
In addition to the tiles, you also need grouting and tile sealing deviceIn-floor heat $14.
One square foot. * Bathtub -$500. 00-
This is the average cost of a 60 \"30\" wide bathtub;
60 \"long bathtubs are usually in the width range of 30\" to 36 \"and in the height range of 14\" to 18-
Bathtub starts at $1,000-
Jacuzzi starts at $1,500 * Vanity-
A good estimate is that for vanity, $125 per linear foot
This amount is for a semi-custom dresser for Maple, cherry or oak with a soft closed drawer * Top of the dresser-
Artificial Marble
$80 per square footGranite -
Starting at $90 per square footCambria -
$90 per square foot * sink-
A good start is estimated at $200.
Depending on the dresser you choose, you may need to purchase a separate sink.
The top of the cultural marble vanity mold the sink into a unit.
* Tub and shower tap-$350-
The finish you choose for the tap will affect your cost;
Chrome finishes are usually cheaper, while the cost of brushing nickel and oil to wipe bronze is higher.
* Vanity faucet-$150-
The finish you choose for the tap will affect your cost;
Chrome finishes are usually cheaper, while the cost of brushing nickel and oil to wipe bronze is higher. * Mirror -
Bathroom Accessories-$200$200 -
Toilet paper rack, towels
Again, the completion of your choice will affect the cost * light-$200 -
Be sure to have plenty of lighting in the bathroom;
The bathroom is where you start and end every day. -
There are many lights available in the bathroom, such as vanity, mirror and shower space.
* Primer, paint, accessories-$125-
To help with the lighting of the bathroom, I recommend using subtle colors for the walls to reflect the light.
* Building materials-
$10 per square foot is a good starting point. -
The building materials include ceramic tile backing, thin sleeves, screws, dry walls, joint compounds, etc. -
If you have a bathroom of 5 feet by 8 feet, you have 40 square feet.
I will budget $400 for the materials. * Dumpster -
$300 * pipe-$1,000-
Disconnect the sink, faucet, toilet, bathtub and shower valve-
Install new sinks, taps, shower valves, toilet and bathtub
Install new cut-off valve for sink and toilet * electrical-$800-
Check if the bathroom has a dedicated circuit that meets the current electrical specifications
Update the power supply, install new outlets and lights-Connect in-floor heat-
Install Bath fan switch-
To stay within your overall budget, it is important to remove and replace vanity.
Once you have a budget for the project you need, it\'s time to decide who will finish the job.
If you decide to do the remodel yourself, it can be time consuming and stressful to do the bathroom remodel.
You need to ask yourself some questions before you try your own transformation, including: * do you have time to complete the transformation?
The bathroom could not be remodeled properly for a weekend.
As a contractor, I would suggest that you make a timeline for remodeling and then add additional days.
There will be some unforeseen problems.
In order to save yourself the stress you don\'t need in the remodeling project, pad your schedule at least in a few days.
* Do you have the necessary tools to complete the transformation?
Whether it\'s doing the remodel yourself or choosing to work with the contractor, this information should help decide what you want to spend on the remodel and what you expect from the money.
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