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Georgia ash is marble or granite?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-22
With before, look from the stone split from the gloss and hardness, like a marble. But from the people, for the granite. How the difference between granite and marble. Please don't say granite igneous rock, solid surface sheets for sale for into rock, etc. The quality of the granite depends on mineral composition and structure. Good quality granite, crystal grain fine and homogeneous, content of mica and quartz is more less, and does not contain pyrite. weathered metamorphic not easily, appearance can keep more than one hundred, with so much used in the wall and exterior wall facing. Because the granite high hardness, wear resistance, so often used in advanced architectural decoration engineering, for example, the ground of the lobby. Compared with granite and marble texture more hard and acid, thus in the household adornment decorates is more applicable to the outdoor balcony, yard, the ground of the restaurant and the window sill. While the marble can be used in the bar, counter, eat the ark of the mesa. 1, solid surface stone, granite stone is no chromatic stripe, most only color spots, also have a plenty of pure color. The mineral grains as thin as possible, structure is compact. 2, marble plank: marble wall mounted bar countertop mineral composition is simple, easy processing, most of the fine texture, mirror effect is better. The downside is the granite texture soft, hard heavy objects hit vulnerable, light color stone material is easily contaminated. Floor marble as far as possible choose monochrome, it is better to choose mesa have a stripe act the role of cloth. Other selection methods granite selection method for reference. Teach you some simple difference method: marble for the sake of easy to extract, so back behind the wall mounted bar countertop. Do you have a network, to prevent the occurrence of damage, transportation or processing of granite have no this privilege, so you just see the back of the material, of course it is not absolute. If you have chosen to carry net wall mounted bar countertop, master to install, remember to make the net off again after installation, the aim is to prevent an empty drum. In fact this two kinds of material is easy to identify: 1, appearance: marble varieties, color variety, in addition to the blue, black other 6 kinds of different varieties are visible to the color, mostly gray granite, a small amount of red, pink and yellow, usually connect body evenly distributed black and white points; Patterns tend to have a beautiful and colorful marble, but uneven, of all kinds of metal material forming lines, granite usually does not; Not closed treatment of polishing marble easy weathering, total ash, on the surface of granite weathering resistance, basic no ash. 2, components: the main components of the marble is calcium carbonate is given priority to, more than fifty percent, the main components of the granite is given priority to with silica, accounted for more than seventy percent, the composition is very different. 3, the intensity: the average intensity, granite marble is 2 ~ 3 times ( Compressive strength, flexural and shear) 。 His experiment. No acid 4, acid resistance, marble, granite base acid. Take hydrochloric acid on the marble, bubbling rapidly, evaporation gas ( Carbon dioxide) Do not respond, granite base. 5, radioactive: according to the result of a large number of measurement, the granite of the radioactive dose average is 1 ~ 2 times the size of marble. , marble is suitable for a family indoor decoration, but only suitable for outdoor decoration, and more used in public places. Wish you everything goes well.
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