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Granite factory - - A successful stone will teach you how to choose the stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-08
Granite factory - - Success of stone material to teach you how to choose stone, stone quality directly affects the adornment effect, the choice of different regions of stone material should also be different, so how to choose stone? Learned, various types of stone on the market, the product is uneven, on the choice of stone material to grasp the three points. First of all, the fine structure of stone material surface must be uniform, with delicate texture, is generally high quality stone material does not contain too much noise, uniform color, smooth surface, high brightness, and thick bead and differ the stone material of a structure, exterior effect is poorer, the quality is a bit poor. Also because of the influence of the geological processes, in which natural stone material often produce some fine pulse, microcracks, stone material the most easily along these place fracture, lack of Angle and edge, so should pay attention to when buying. Can listen to voice of stone material knock when buying, generally good quality stone the knocking sound is ringing pleasing to the ear, if stone within slight crack or become loose contact between particles, as a result of weathering, tapping rough, also suggests that poor quality stone. And also to measure the size of stone when buying, lest affect splicing, after mosaics pattern, decorative pattern, line or cause deformation, affect adornment effect. Finally, when buying stone should be required to the dealer radioactive certificate, try to choose A kind of product, and must first consider the marble in the solid surface sheets for sale and granite, because under normal circumstances, granite more radioactive than marble radioactive. Chooses different regions of the types of stone is not the same. TV setting wall is the main area of decorative stone, granite can choose to do the design of individual character, also can do it on the porch and other local metope adornment ornament. While used for window, balcony can choose solid surface sheets for sale, prevent slippery, wear-resisting, try to choose better quality products. And in terms of stone material laying the ground, choose solid surface sheets for sale is more appropriate, the sitting room can choose the man-made stone material with good resistance to high temperature performance, and the toilet can choose to prevent slippery type of stone, be moistureproof, acid proof, alkali proof, high temperature resistant performance, etc. For stone together sex is higher, in the bathroom adornment performance more dash forward show, so the stone is widely used in the bathroom. Successful stone processing factory quality stone suppliers. Including: marble, granite, Brazil's statue of jade and so on.
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