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Granite material - granite

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-19
material - microcline, albite and oligoclase or by the feldspar synthesis of solid solution, the feldspar contains albite molecular percentage not less 80%. Potassium feldspar ( Orthoclase or microcline molecules) , sodium feldspar formula with K ( Al Si3O8) And Na ( Al Si3O8) Said. Calcium feldspar formula for CaAl2 Si3O8. Anorthite and albite component can be all kinds of scale formation of solid solution, namely the mineralogy of the so-called plagioclase minerals or calcium and sodium feldspar group. According to the different parts of the world average 2485 different chemical composition proportion in the solid surface, according to the weight percentage of from heavy to light for: SiO2 - 72. 04%氧化铝- 14. 42% K2O — 4. 12% Na2O — 3. 曹69% - 1. 82% FeO — 1. 68% Fe2O3 - 1. 分别以22%—— 0. 71% TiO2 — 0. 30% P2O5 - 0. 12% MnO - 0. 05% of different kinds of mineral elements vary, there could be contained pyroxene, hornblende. texture is hard and dense, high strength, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low water absorption, beautiful color can save more than one hundred, is a good material of construction, but it is not heat-resistant. stone material according to the color, decorative pattern, luster, structure and material factors, such as different grades. The ministry of economic affairs bureau of mineral solid surface can be divided into black, brown, green, grey, pale red color and red color is six classes.
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