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Granite stone material in detail

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-09
About the granite ( Acid migration) The concept dates back to 1836 lyell era. At the time about our granite because of the problem for change can be illustrated by aiming at the condition of the Oslo region. Leopold von bucher ( Leopold.Von.Buch) At the beginning of the 19th century investigations have been carried out to the region, and Charles lyell in 1837 (kyle huo B.M,Keilhau) Under the guidance of is also investigated in this region. About these investigation hall, h ( HoltedahI,1963) Done fully comments. According to the records, von bucher ( Pierre Werner students) Believe that the region's most granite and basalt, and other 'dark' rock generally in the form of exhibit, cover on the construction of fossiliferous, and Ming granite (Della Drammen granite) Older than limestone and under in the limestone. Lyell very doubt the explanation, however, he believes, in some places can be inclined in sedimentary rock, granite, but it is a secondary feature, generally is the granite extended body penetration into the adjacent formation, and make limestone, solid surface sheets for sale, shale mica schist becomes. In essence, he adopted the hutton about deep into the activities of concept; Molten material violently in the building of the older and the overlying rock mass produce thrust. Kyle haw do not accept these ideas, however, he didn't understand in the original for the place occupied by the eruption of rock, how can have such a great space for open into the invasion of the body. In early 1838, kyle huo is probably the first value of the igneous rock bodies emplacement of the 'problem space'.
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