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How Do I Get My Bathtub White Again


 After a day out, the most comfortable thing is to take a hot bath in the bathtub. For those who are leisurely, it is a good experience to take a bath in the bathtub while you are free, while listening to music and reading. Therefore, the bathtub is an important facility in our lives. Moreover, because we use it very frequently, the cleaning of the bathtub is also very important.The bathtub is a kind of bathroom accessory that most people like ( it ) very much. However, although the bathtub is good, if the cleaning is not in place, bacteria will be produced. If you use the bath in an unclean bath often, it will bring great harm to your health. Therefore, the cleaning of the bathtub is very important. The following singular soldiers will teach you how to use simple and practical bathtub cleaning methods.


There are some things you need to know about the cleaning of the bathtub.

1.     The importance of bathtub cleaning.

2.     Valid methods of bathtub cleaning.

3.     Precautions for using the bathtub


1.The importance of bathtub cleaning.

(1)For health

Although the bathtub will make us feel very comfortable, in fact, it is very much in need of maintenance, because only the clean, well-maintained bathtub can make us better use, if it is not clean, it is easy to breed bacteria, so that the body Health is affected.

(2)For the maintenance of the bathtub

Most of the bathtubs are white. If they are not cleaned, they will easily turn yellow, which will shorten the service life. So we have to master the right method to carefully clean.


2. Valid methods of bathtub cleaning.

In fact, many bathtubs without massage function are cast iron bathtubs. These bathtubs are actually made of cast iron, but they are wrapped with enamel on the可去掉 outside, so that they can ensure its aesthetics. The material of cast iron can actually play a role in anti-oxidation, and it is more durable. Some people have used it for decades, and there will be no problems. This bathtub has no function of massage, so it is actually There is not much place to hide dirt, it is more convenient to clean. As long as we wash it out with clean water after each use. If you encounter some stubborn dirt, you can add a small amount of cleaning agent to wipe it, but this bathtub needs to be noted that it is not possible to clean it with a harder material such as a steel ball, because it will Its surface is(its surface will be) scratched and it is easy to cause quality problems.

Another type of bathtub is actually a plastic acrylic solid surface material. This material is actually lighter and looks better, but because of its light weight, it is very durable and can easily age or be It is scratched, so we need special attention when cleaning.

The first is that we have to clean it regularly, even if it is not used, because it is easy to hide dirt, if it is not cleaned in time, bacteria will continue to build, and secondly we will use soft cloth, no (one) can use any coarse cloth because it is too easy to be scratched. If you want to use a cleaning agent, you should also choose a mild one. If you can't use a scrub, such as detergent, it is very suitable for cleaning it.


The last type of bathtub is wooden. This is a kind of bathtub that we have had since ancient times. The bathtub should be noticed that it cannot be exposed to the sun, and it can be sealed if it is not used frequently. In fact, the wooden bathtub is not particularly suitable for the average family, because it is relatively troublesome to use, and it is not very suitable. Even when it is first used, water leakage often occurs and it is unavoidable.


3. Precautions for using the bathtub

(1) The bathtub should be cleaned immediately after use. Apply soft cotton cloth or sponge and neutral detergent when cleaning. Do not use sand or abrasive cleaning agent. Never use acid or alkali containing damage to bathtub and metal accessories. A cleaning agent for organic solvents and the like.

(2)should use cold water first, do not directly put hot water above 80 °C into the bathtub, so as not to damage the bathtub.

(3)should avoid using hard objects directly impact the surface of the product, so as not to cause damage to the bathtub.

(4) Do not use bathing agent containing sulfur, otherwise it will cause discoloration of bathtub and hardware accessories.

(5)When using the jacuzzi, avoid putting debris in the bathtub to prevent the debris from being inhaled and blocking the massage system.

(6) the massage function of the jacuzzi is not used for a long time, should be running the massage pump once every some time.

(7) If bathing agent is used during bathing, rinse the bathtub with clean water after use and wipe dry.

(8)After using the bathtub every time, rinse the bathtub with clean water in time, drain the water, and dry it with a soft cloth to prevent the accumulation of water in the pipeline and the rust on the metal parts.

(9) If groundwater or hot spring water is used, it will cause discoloration of the acrylic surface.

(10) High-temperature items, such as ignited cigarettes, cannot be placed directly on the bathtub.

(11) When the surface of the acrylic product is damaged, it can be polished with 1500# or more of abrasive paper and then polished with a suitable polishing agent.



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