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How Long Do Bathtubs Last


The bathtub is different from the shower room. The bath feels like a shower when it is bathed, and the shower is completely incomparable. In addition to the continuous updating of the function, the bathtub has become one of the decorative products, and there is a round, ovals, rectangles and other shapes, in addition to convenient application in different patterns, can also meet the different psychological changes and needs of people.However, the bathtub is more troublesome from the purchase to the installation to the later maintenance than the shower room. The life of the bathtub is also related to its material and post-maintenance.Acrylic 


Here are Points about the life of the bathtub.

1.  Service life of different material bathtubs.

2.  Pay attention to bathtub maintenance.

3.  Precautions for using the bathtub.


1.         Service life of different material bathtubs.

Acrylic solid surface and cast iron are the two most materials widely used bathtubs.

Acrylic is a synthetic resin material that is soft and easy to process. Therefore, acrylic bathtubs have the most shapes and colors, and consumers have a wider choice. Moreover, the heat preservation effect is also better, and the winter heat preservation time is longer. Small quality, easy to transport and install. One of the most important advantages is that the surface is damaged and scratches can be repaired.Acrylic bathtub depends on the way of use. There is no problem in general use. The general life expectancy is about 10, depending on whether the use and maintenance are done. The official name of the acrylic bathtub is a glass fiber reinforced plastic bathtub. The surface material is methyl propyl methyl ester, and the reverse side is coated with glass fiber and coated with a special resin. The acrylic bathtub has a uniform color and a smooth surface without delamination and air bubbles. The heat transfer of the acrylic bathtub is very slow, so the insulation effect is good. Even in the cold winter, the skin does not feel the "cold" feeling when it comes into contact with the acrylic bathtub. The human body collides with the acrylic bathtub, and generally does not touch the body. It is a must-have material for making a luxurious bathtub.

Cast iron is a very durable material, and its service life is usually around 50 years. The price is much more expensive than Biaco and steel.The durability of the cast iron bathtub is its greatest advantage, and the color is mild, the noise is relatively small when water is injected, and it is easy to clean.The cost of the cast iron bathtub is high, the price is expensive, the shape and color are relatively monotonous, and the heat preservation is general. Heavy weight, difficult to transport and install.


2.         Pay attention to bathtub maintenance.

Use the bathtub to pay attention to maintenance, this can extend the life of the bathtub, but also maintain a bright appearance: clean the bathtub every week, ensure that the bathtub is dry after each use; use a neutral liquid detergent and flexible cloth or a good sponge to clean the bathtub, avoid Use cleaning products that contain abrasives, strong acids, or strong alkaline; do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they can rust the bathtub and stain the surface. In addition, the effect of using soda powder to eliminate dirt is not bad.

If there is a serious scratch on the surface of the bathtub, customers may be advised to refurbish it by:

The polishing of the bathtub is a very professional thing. If the surface of the bathtub is really expensive, it is recommended to consult a professional or ask a professional maintenance person for maintenance.


3.         Precautions for using the bathtub.

On the one hand, in order to extend the service life of the bathtub, on the other hand, it is also a safety hazard, and there are some precautions when using the bathtub.

(1)When bathing, please add cold water and then heat the water. It is strictly forbidden to add hot water directly to the acrylic sanitary ware.

(2) The elderly, children, physical discomfort, should be convenient to use under the care of others.

(3) The product should avoid contact with strong solvents such as benzene, paint, paint remover.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to wipe the surface of the product with decontamination powder, sharp objects or abrasive articles.

(5) The grounding wire of the motor should be grounded safely and reliably. No grounding is allowed.

(6) The water level in the cylinder shall not exceed the water nozzles.

(7) Please confirm the power supply voltage, frequency and motor nameplate used.


The bathtub is a big furniture in the house. As long as we pay attention to the maintenance during daily use, it makes sure that the bathtub can use longer time.


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