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Can You Repaint A Bathtub


What are the moments that make you feel most enjoyable? I believe that after a lazy evening, the feeling of soaking in the bathtub will definitely be on the list of answers to this question. The moment you soaking in the bathtub, it seems time is slowing down.So slow that you can feel the subtle flow of water with colorful bubbles. In order to enjoy the fun of bath, more and more people build a bathtub at home. After a hard working day, how happy it is to get back to the house to have a hot bath. However, perhaps it is because the bathtub is not clean enough, or the bathtub may be used for too long, so the bathtub will turn yellow or get some dirt that is difficult to remove. At this time, it is necessary to repaint the bathtub solid surface.


This article mainly divide into the following contents.

1.     Can you repaint a bathtub?

2.     Steps for repainting a bathtub.

3.     Enjoy a refreshing bathtub.



1.Can you repaint a bathtub?

Needless to say that the bathroom is one of the most important spaces at home. But often not mentioned, it may be worth paying more attention to how expensive the repair is.


According to research by family consultants, typical bathroom renovation costs range from nearly $6,000 to $15,000, including creating more space, updating fixtures and installing floors. This is quite a lot of money, even if the bathroom is essential. However, if you can't shake the idea of pursuing perfection, your bathroom can go through some work and not be desperate for the cost of a complete overhaul–use an affordable way to transform the space.

 bathtub solid surface.PNG

Unlike other simple repair methods, such as replacing drawer levers or replacing storage space, drawing a bathtub is an unexpected solution that can be an important feature of bathroom design. If you want to upgrade quickly without having to renovate completely , then repainting a bathtub can change the look of the bathroom immediately. Adding a new layer of paint to the bathtub may be an outdated space requirement, especially since the bathtub is usually at the height of the bathroom. Visible area. This project looks scary at first, which is if you want to accept it, it will break what you need to know.


2.Steps for repainting a bathtub.

1. Remove the old scum and bathtub hardware.

Prepare the bucket: First, remove the old scum. (Note: If you do not have a specific caulking tool, you can use a stud knife or a 5-in-1 paint tool here.) Then, use the correct tool to carefully remove all the fixtures in the drain hardware and the tub itself. And the program that suits your situation.

2. Vent the bathroom and thoroughly clean the bathtub with diluted bleach, scrub cleaner and acetone.

Before you start removing any dirt, soap scum and mold, open the window and run the bathroom exhaust fan. First, wash the bathtub with 10% aqueous bleach. Rinse thoroughly and then use a matte bathroom cleaner such as Comet or Soft Scrub. After thorough rinsing, wipe the entire solid surface with a solvent such as acetone (you can also use paint thinner) to remove any residual grease or detergent residue.

3. Repair any defects on the bathtub.

Fill all scratches, chips or chisels with epoxy putty or bathtub repair products to create a new surface. Let it dry completely and then smooth these areas. Next, sand the entire bathtub with dry/wet sandpaper: once with a 400 grits sandpaper and then with a 600 grits fine sand. This will roughen the gloss and make the coating easy to adhere.

Rinse the bathtub thoroughly with water and dry with a clean towel or rag. Let the bathtub dry thoroughly, as it must be ensured that it is hydrated before painting.

4. Cover the surrounding tiles and all remaining fixtures.

When preparing the paint, use tape to protect the tile at the level of the bathtub and any fixtures around the bathtub that could not be removed in step 1.

5. If you have purchased two parts of epoxy resin, mix it immediately.

Make sure your room is well ventilated and wear a respirator or face mask (epoxy paint is really stinky). Then, follow the manufacturer's instructions to prepare the paint in the bathtub repair kit.

Many kits use a two-part epoxy coating that you need to combine before applying. In this case, pour the parts into a bucket and stir for at least two minutes. The mixing phase is critical, so don't just play around! The half of the mixture is then transferred to a second container to retain the second coating and the lid is closed to prevent it from drying out.

Apply two thin coats to the bathtub and allow enough time between them to dry the paint.

If you know how to paint on other surfaces such as tiles or plasterboard, you know how to paint on the bathtub. Start at the top of a corner and walk down the other side. Apply a thin, even coat and carefully wash the drops of water when using a roller or brush. Epoxy coatings have self-leveling properties, so don't worry if you see some bubbles or brush marks that will disappear with the settings.

The first layer was dried according to the manufacturer's instructions and then the second layer was applied in the same manner as the first layer.

7. Wait at least three days and then add water to the newly painted bathtub.

Epoxy resin takes time to fully cure, so please pay attention to the manufacturer's drying time instructions. Do not use the bathtub until the paint is fully cured. It may take an hour to feel dry even when touched. After curing, remove the tape, refill the bucket, re-install the fixture and drain the hardware.


3.Enjoy a refreshing bathtub.

The process of repainting the bathtub is like creating a piece of art. When we clean it step by step, we paint it layer by layer. After a hard work, watching a clean, new bathtub will have a sense of accomplishment. After it is air-dried, you can take a hot bath with your own brushed bathtub.

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