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Artificial stone supplier, Have you chose the right one?


                                                            Artificial stone has been loved by many people for its crystal clear appearance. Anti-penetration, high resistance from dirt and wear, 

                                                    corrosion and environmental protection. It is widely use in counter tops such as windowsills,bar counters, and vanity tops. 

                                                    Nowadays there are many types of artificial stones in the market, including imported ones, famous domestic brands, and some small 

                                                    brands. So how should we choose right one among many artificial stones suppliers? What kind of artificial stones are in high quality?


                                                  When you observe the surface of the artificial stone by eyes. The good quality artificial stones should show pure color, good gloss, 

                                                  a certain sense of transparency, and pattern looks very vivid. The pores are barely invisible through multiple angles observation. 

                                                  The surface of poor artificial stones are dull, the color is messy and blurry. You can see pores obviously, which give a rough and 

                                                   dull feeling.

                                                   Here are some tips when choosing:

                                                1.When you gently touch the surface of the artificial stone. Excellent artificial stone will give you natural and smooth feeling. However, 

                                                 poor artificial stone touch roughly and feel dry. This kind of artificial stone easily scratch in the later use process.Hard to clean up.

                                                 It affects lifespan,and easy to get fungus.

                                                2.Take a small piece of artificial stone and slam on the ground hardly.Poor quality artificial stone will basically crush to many small pieces. 

                                                The good ones are only few pieces, which are impossible to turn into powder even hard to break.

                                                3.Take a small piece of artificial stone and burn it with fire.The poor quality artificial stone will burn quickly.But good quality ones are 

                                                 basically unable to burn as with fire resistance.


                                                      Artificial stone appears the texture and beauty of natural stone by imitating the color and texture of natural stone. It comes with anti-corrosion 

                                                      and permeation proof features which natural stone doesn’t. Because there are no pores on the surface, it is easy to clean up. Artificial stone 

                                                      has no radiation like the nature stone. No traces are left during stitching, and a truly seamless stitching is achieved. After long use, it can also 

                                                      be refurbished by sanding paper. Because it is made of polymer materials.It is light in texture and easy to install. It is especially suitable for 

                                                      counter tops in kitchen. Comparing with other stone materials, the weight of artificial stone is lighter, which helps cabinet last much longer.


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