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Introduce the formation of rock stone manufacturer

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-09
manufacturer introduce rocks, the formation of the commonly known as stone, while known for people, but the forming principle of science is more complex, the main reason is that the earth's crust changes produced by a large number of high temperature high pressure, to a certain temperature and pressure conditions, the different elements together according to certain proportion, the in the melting slurry material cools into rocks, forming the outer shell of the earth is hard - The earth's crust. The thickness of the crust is not balanced. The sea is the most among them. Call the mantle to 2900 km below the surface of the parts, which are rich in metal mines and silicate.  2900 km以下为地核,主要是铁、镍等成分,物质状态和地 表物质不同。  岩石是有几种矿物或天然玻璃组成的固态物质。 Is the product of geology for use.
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