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Man-made stone material according to the mechanism of classification can be divided into those?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-22
Type A, film-forming protective agent: after applying to stay in wall mounted bar countertop material surface and form A membranous layer of protective agent called film-forming protective agent. Such as: acrylic type protective agent, silicon c protective agent, silicone protective agent, etc. Mainly suitable for the polished surface of stone material surface protective treatment. For example: 'green angel' HB - S501, 502, 601, etc. B, infiltration protective agent: after the application of the effective ingredients by capillary infiltration stone inside, no visible film layer of protective agent of wall mounted bar countertop material surface infiltration stone protective agent. Such as: silicone protective agent, fluorine silicone protective agent, etc. Suitable for all the stone material surface protective treatment. For example: 'green angel' HB - S101, 301, 402, etc.
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