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Marble bathroom products are non-radioactive, causing heated discussions-Marble, bathroom products, non-radioactive requirements

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-30

There is no national standard for the radiation rate of home decoration. The relevant person said that the environmental radiation level cannot be used as a criterion for judging the dose rate exceeding the standard. The background level of environmental radiation in Shanghai is the radiation dose level in the field, and the measurement results reflect the radiation on land in a specific area. Compared with the current dose level of radiation in the market, the measurement data in different locations has a certain range of variation. For example, the upper limit of the background in Shanghai is 0.13Sv/h, the upper limit of the background in Guangzhou is 0.27Gy/h, and the upper limit of the background in Chengdu is 0.32Gy/h. h. In buildings, the measurement results reflect the dose levels of terrestrial radiation, current market rays, and indoor surrounding buildings and decoration materials. The measured values u200bu200bare incomparable with the background level, and the indoor radiation dose rate level is generally higher than Outdoors, it is also normal natural radiation levels. The instrument reading is not the actual radiation dose value of a certain place. The radiation level of a certain place should be the value calculated from the data obtained by scientific measurement. In addition, the national standard stipulates that the dose limit to the public should not include health exposure and exposure from natural sources. A person concerned said that the scientific standard for measuring the radiation rate of home decoration has not yet been formulated, and there is no national standard for the time being. Therefore, they have not carried out corresponding testing for indoor radiation problems in Shanghai homes and office buildings. Relevant persons from the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau also said that the indoor environment is not within the scope of their supervision. Marble bathroom products are required to be non-radioactive The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision stated that for the radiation rate, the Bureau of Quality Supervision inspected 109 batches of natural granite and other products from 2010 to 2011, and 5 batches of granite products did not meet the express requirements. According to the radionuclide limit standard requirements, in 2010, 3 batches failed, and in 2011, 2 batches failed. However, at present, except for granite and porcelain tiles, other products such as marble and sanitary ware have no radioactive requirements and no mandatory certification requirements. Therefore, the corresponding supervision and inspection of this aspect by the quality supervision department is still blank. . As for when the relevant standards can be developed, it is still unknown. Since there is no standard for the radiation rate of home decoration and the corresponding supervision of all building materials products, how can ordinary people avoid the radiation impact caused by home decoration? The Bureau of Quality Supervision said that during decoration, citizens should try their best to select building materials. The sales unit is required to provide a test report that complies with the national 'Construction Materials Radionuclide Limit Standard' (GB6566-2010). So what should we do about those building materials products that have not formulated standards? At present, in terms of indoor environmental radiation, the quality supervision department has only one requirement for radon gas, which is listed in 'Indoor Air Quality Standards' (GB/T18883-2002) The annual average concentration standard of radon in indoor air is 400Bq/m3. The Quality Supervision Bureau said that if the citizens suspect that the radiation dose of the renovated buildings is too high, they can entrust an institution with a radiation testing project that has passed the metrological certification to measure the indoor radon concentration. If the limit is exceeded, measures such as replacing some building materials and strengthening indoor ventilation can be taken to reduce the impact of radiation. However, since citizens can entrust different agencies to conduct testing, the Bureau of Quality Supervision said that no statistics have been made on the results of this data.

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