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Marble natural defects of reinforcement

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-20
1, big board on the big board, and keep the surface clean, face up, back online. 2, thick in the subsequent processing process, found the hole and edge collapse collapse Angle problem, the original cracks in the solid surface sheets mortar or other sundry winkles, use close to the acrylic countertops material itself color marble glue and will have a perfect color marble glue and make it fully close to the color of the original acrylic countertops material to improve the whole, to achieve the best visual effects. Put the marble glue for filling, due to the marble glue after complete solidification will have a certain degree of shrinkage, so should make acrylic countertops marble glue is slightly higher than the level 0. 5 mm, so not fill many times. Adopt various and polishing filler, and stone as a horizontal plane, increase the stone integral feeling, and solve the problem of gap between high and low position to prevent cracks again back to black. Use solid surface refurbished machine with special snip grinding slice to snip in a fine-grained, make it with stone a plane as a whole. To use professional polishing machine, from coarse to fine grinding and polishing of stone material. ground observation without repair methods and materials for the problems before the stone material ground repair to the scene to observe, fully grasp the damage of the stone and status, analysis and find the root causes of problems. Want to pay attention to the surrounding environment, at the same time with the owner to explore repair the arrangement of the homework on time. So to submit a full complete let owner confirm feasible stone repair report. To do the interview in determining the stone after the repair plan of the ground, should negotiate with the landlord for a prominent position to try a piece of ground. So on the one hand, the feasibility of the test plan, on the other hand, let owner confirm repair effect, avoid some unnecessary disputes. Try to do the best ground to be able to observe a period of time, during which should pay attention to observe the change of the humidity, stone watch repair parts for peeling and reappeared damage phenomenon, in order to fix on the corresponding revision.
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