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Marble pictures - — Natural stone 'king'

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-19
, marble and fine marble pictures from the point of view of the application field of marble and aesthetic appreciation, the need to distinguish between marble and marble draw these two concepts. Today what is called the stone marble is more of a category, the category by the cloud gray, pale and decorated jade stone, three kinds of varieties, in these three varieties, and contains the cloud gray stone, marble, white marble, white cloud grey water, broccoli, autumn flowers, colorful flowers, seven-color flower, ink and so on more than 20 varieties of child. From this perspective, in order to understand the convenience, with a less appropriate metaphor, like puer tea is the tea category, it is divided into two categories, raw tea and ripe tea, and under the two types of contains numerous tea brand. , therefore, is a large number of stone material category, the marble is specifically in marble that can appear in the category of natural aesthetic images, can meet the demand of people's aesthetic appreciation of this kind of marble, it appeared in the marble and decorated main cloud grey marble varieties of spray. So, not all the marble can appear natural texture and pictures, only those who presented the natural aesthetic images or texture of marble can be marble. In this category in marble, appear probability is the highest natural images or grain decorated and part of the cloud gray solid surface sheets marble spray. So, and others will be decorated in the solid surface sheets broccoli, autumn flowers, ink painting, and the water in the cloud gray marble marble marble acrylic countertops, collectively known as because in these varieties of marble, natural images or patterns of probability is the highest. However, from the point of view of collection, appreciation, investment, it is worth mentioning that although some people will be decorated marble of broccoli, autumn flowers, ink and water in a cloud grey marble marble marble stone, collectively known as but can't regard all these varieties of marble is worthy of collection. Essentially in the marble stone is divided into ordinary and boutique, for example, decorated is regarded as the 'king' in marble, marble 'ink painting' and is considered to be decorated 'king' in the marble, but cannot regard as 'the king of Kings' all ink flower marble is expensive, is worthy of collection. Essentially in ink flower marble is divided into ordinary and boutique. Since the ancient times, only high-quality goods has the collection value. So, for marble, marble and fine marble pictures these three concepts should have clear identification and specific. is a category in the world many stone, marble is specifically to appear in the course of marble natural images or patterns of a particular species, and pick the best choice for quality marble is thousand have higher aesthetic value and collection value of fine marble. It is said that the marble draw output probability only account for about five over one thousand of the marble production, and the high-quality goods output probability are scarce to account for only 10 per several and even then the parts per million. So, if is the rare breed in the solid surface sheets marble picture, so, the ultimate in quality marble is a famous brand.
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