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Several preferred installation locations for air energy water heaters-air energy water heaters, several preferred installation locations

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-05

Where is the best place to install the air source water heater? When installing an air source water heater, there are several locations to choose from. Optimal: In the closed balcony, the closed balcony is a semi-open space that can be controlled independently; the water heater device can be used as an air conditioner in summer (suitable for lunch breaks) in this position, and a fresh fan replaces the air in winter, which is a very good installation location. Customers who have strong desires in the northeast region must install it in this location. Second choice 1: outdoor terrace, the terrace at the front and back of the big house is also very suitable for installing air energy, which is convenient and safe. Second choice 2: Air-conditioning units, ordinary houses have air-conditioning units, this location is also very suitable for installing air energy with a little improvement, if you encounter a relatively narrow air-conditioning unit that cannot be installed. Second choice 3: Small platforms, beams and columns outside the wall, water heaters are installed in these positions, and some reinforcement may be required. Second choice 4: Roof platform, the place where the solar energy was originally installed can be installed with air energy, pay attention to both hot and cold water pipes, and the power socket must have a waterproof box (you can ask for a gift when purchasing a warm brand). Second choice 5: bathroom, kitchen, if the bathroom or kitchen is relatively spacious, it can also be installed in these centers, but you must pay attention to the arrangement of drainage facilities. Final selection: wall-mounted device, there is a certain risk of wall-mounted device, the customer try not to choose it, the reason is that it may fall off in the event of earthquake and other vibrations. Optimal: The location of the kitchen close to the same conditions is preferred. The hot water is used more frequently in the kitchen, followed by the public toilet. The closer the distance, the less cold water. After the water heater has been used for a year, 50% of the hot water is used in the kitchen.

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