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Shi caihang share three considerations choose marble table

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-13
Shi caihang share choose solid surface sheets for sale table, three points for attention of a lot of people like to use the purple jade jade jade decoration marble coffee table, but it is not very easy pick good marble coffee table, choose good marble table method to introduce below. 1, top grade tea table of marble surface have jade jade and mostly purple jade, jade and stone crystal pearl, and even purple crystal, white crystal, etc to decorate, the green jade and purple jade and red dragon belongs to natural stone, in use process will not dyed. Some inferior marble coffee table will use white marble after dyeing counterfeit green jade for sale, most of the color is not pure. 2, natural marble has unique natural design and color, if it is a high grade marble can choose to use the whole piece of tea table of the stone material to production, its different parts will choose different materials to complete. During the process of selection, the consumer can from natural grain on the surface of the marble is rational and the hypotenuse on the edges to identify. Generally inferior marble coffee table in the corners using leftover material to finish, the overall lack of change. 3, for the markets of the marble table, it can be divided into two categories: natural solid surface sheets for sale table and artificial marble coffee table, while natural marble can be divided into high grade solid surface sheets for sale and inferior marble again, so, when choosing the marble table, need to understand the difference of stone.
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