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Shi Lifang a ways to get the marble desktop repair methods!

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-11
Natural marble is durable, clean easily, so a lot of people like to use marble under pressure. now commonly used in kitchen cabinets on the table. is durable, clean easily, so a lot of people like to use marble under pressure. now commonly used in kitchen cabinets on the table. But a lot of the owner's response, marble table in the cracks of a period of time, then a lot of people don't know how to deal with. Next, let's look at the natural marble desktop repair methods. Shi Lifang teach you how to deal with marble cracks on the table? You can go to a hardware store to buy marble glue to fill, here is the filling way: 1, to find the bottom corners of the marble material and grind into powder. 2, use marble glue, the stone and marble glue powder fully stir, cracks on; 3, with grinding and polishing machine is flat and level. In this way, the repaired there would be no any trace of marble. If you don't care about the appearance of it, filled with marble glue directly on the flat surface grinding, grinding tools or sand paper file can buy at your local hardware store. Natural marble desktop repair method 1, the original solid surface sheets for sale slurry in cracks or other debris removal, a depth of 3. 5 if granite, gap width will increase to 10 mm or so, if the original marble, clean up the gap. With crack mouth color and pattern close to the marble with a small hammer to smash, if for the granite, the particles building with similar to the granite size advisable, if single color stone, smashed into powder. 2, natural marble desktop repair method is how? Apply adequate amount to the transparent glue and broken marble granular or powder mixing, adding suitable amount of dryer, stir well, stir the mixture evenly on the cracks, slightly higher than the marble surface of 0. 5mm。 3, angular polishing machine installation, 100 resin sand, dry crack mouth slightly grinding smooth, then install 220 resin film fine grinding, and then with 360 waterproof abrasive paper polishing, wall or floor clean stain and dirt, and then the surface polishing and waxing polishing machine polishing wheel Angle of installation. Will continue to appear after polishing burnish, until the solid surface sheets for sale with the original luster, then dip in with steel wool a small amount of polishing wax, manual polishing, shiny, until the exactly the same, this time with the original marble, crack up. If there is a pattern in monochrome stone, its design in the cracks. In addition to the powder mixed with glue, color powder is used to design and embedded in the juncture of pattern matching. mesa, beautiful and practical, but if use undeserved, it is easy to cause the marble mesa cracks. Once a crack, it can feel very ugly. Therefore, mastering the marble desktop repair methods is very necessary. Has its own mines, engaged in stone industry for 12 years, marble mining, processing, deep processing as a whole, the company has passed the national quality management system and environmental management system certification, and established a perfect quality management system and innovation of science and technology agency.
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