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Shi Lifang marble excellent blossom BenQ international sculpture camp in Taiwan

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-11
The solid surface sheets for sale block (Shi Lifang Bai Huang material) The solid surface sheets for sale block (Shi Lifang Bai Huang material) Arrived in Taiwan, after carving master 35 days of hard fighting, made one by one, have no imagination of art, that every piece of art embodies the engraver's soul, have a for life, wonderful interpretation of life. The sculpture of the event - for two years The Taiwanese BenQ international sculpture brings together twelve countries famous sculptor's participation is very lucky, Shi Lifang marble become the carrier of the master sculptor express thoughts, and the fine stone. Engraver of through this activity, let the world know the stone, stone, as a congratulation state Shi Lifang by responsibilities and obligations, as the ambassador, trying to make stone early blooming stage in the world.
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