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Sichuan marble manufacturer to tell you about the stone material maintenance 3 big mistake

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-21
In the previous article, marble factory introduced to us how the difference on the market of natural marble and scagliola, in the current issue of the article, we will introduce how the maintenance of marble. 1, not to be exposed to the neutral items, all stone are afraid of acid and alkali acid decompose marble contains calcium carbonate, causing surface erosion condition, base will be eroded solid surface of feldspar and quartz crystal silicon compound of grain boundary stripping phenomenon. So the neutral items is to break the stone mirror a culprit. So of embellish cheng stones museum, to us, the head of the usual use less as far as possible the strong corrosion liquid contact marble, otherwise it will be difficult to repair. 2, not optional waxing many consumer think the marble installation need to wax to durable, sichuan shunyuan marble development company to tell you that this is not correct. On the market that many different kinds of wax, a water-based wax, wax, oil wax stearic acid, acrylic wax and so on. These preserved basically all containing the acid and alkali substance. Not only will the wool stoma block stone breathing, still can with WuChen wax scale formation, stone material surface produce yellowing phenomenon. But if the pedestrian and the frequency is too high to move goods must be preserved, you must consult a professional maintenance company for guidance and maintenance. Not covered carpet for a long time, sundry shunyuan marble in sichuan province development company also reminded, to maintain stone breathe easier, should avoid long-term covering on the surface of the stone carpet and sundry, otherwise under the stone material moisture to pass acrylic countertops wool stoma comes out. will because of the heavy moisture, moisture content increased and annoying stone disease problems such as you must laying carpet, piled up sundry, please don't forget to change often. is not simple, marble can look outside in the rain and wind, the original maintenance are so much knowledge, so the pity is your is also reasonable, people doubt, might as well to sichuan sunyuan more marble development company's official website, believe that their professional team can provide you with more detailed answer! Treasure xingxian shunyuan marble development co. , LTD is located in the world of giant pandas, Chinese white solid surface sheets hometown sichuan province xingxian, sheet is a collection of mining, production and processing, stone products production and sales for the integration of comprehensive stone material enterprise. Companies rely on east white ( Snow White) Royal, kangba jade, white jade, violet Luo Yu, dream, gold, jade, jade, white solid surface sheets stone varieties as material resources, etc.
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