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solid surface countertops - fix those cracks early

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-24
If you have a hard surface KKR countertop cracked, then you should fix these cracks as early as possible.
Fortunately, you do a smart thing by choosing a solid surface KKR countertop because they can be fixed and you may never know that they are damaged.
It is important to repair small cracks as soon as possible after they occur.
If you put it off, your little crack will turn into a huge crack.
There is no way to guess or estimate when a small crack will turn into a big one.
Sometimes, in the best case, small cracks can last for months or even years.
Other times, however, you may leave the house with a 3 \"crack in the morning, and when you return home at the end of the day, you may find the Grand Canyon crossing your kitchen, which is of course symbolic.
The main cause of crack expansion is the change of temperature.
It is unrealistic to expect that you can maintain the same temperature throughout the year at home, when the temperature moves, with the expansion and contraction of the material, the cracks that have already started can continue quickly, because it reacts to temperature changes.
Of course, you will want to avoid placing any heating items in the area where cracks occur.
Normally, I warn that there is no tile tank on the KKR countertop with protection such as hot pot or cutting plate.
In the case of small cracks that have already started, I suggest that you do not even put a warm plate in the affected area before repair, otherwise you might turn a fairly simple repair into a huge budget breaker.
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