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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-29
Some of Washington\'s most lively designers
Last year, driven business institutions took a break and poured creativity into their homes.
In the process, modernist husbands Theo Adam Stein and Alvia de metteruand-
The wife\'s architectural design team added another \"oh wow\" interior decoration to the resume, which already includes stylish restaurants such as elegant Le Paradou, movies, etc.
Zola and New Ireland
All Mediterranean Zatinya and Venetian in Pennsylvania-
At the theme theater Goldoni in the city center.
Last year, they pushed back from the table and created a head --
They developed a health club near Georgetown. (
How smart they are to give gourmets a place to eliminate all their calories. )
When they started designing the Soma, they had already started to renovate their newly bought house, a 1923 bungalow in Sears northwest.
The $800,000 house sits on the top of a hill near Fox Hall Road and is hardly suitable for designer cuts --
Edge style: in craft kit, glass-on-
Metal means a window with lead.
But they are drawn to the details of the period, including a popular front porch and interior oak trim, and are determined to use them as 3,500-square-
This will be more than twice the size of the bungalow.
As the work of the two projects progressed, the aesthetics of harmony was developed: the shallow Wood and opaque glass of SomaFit were expressed in their kitchen and main bathroom.
A curved reception, guiding the eyes to the inside of the club, replays on the round dark walls of their sunken living room.
Where the Soma has a large rotating acrylic panel that separates the entrance area from the exercise space, the house has a rotating floorto-
Ceiling glass door between living room and deck.
Except for the burning
The lounge upstairs in Soma has orange seating and both interiors have a comfortable color palette and ambience.
\"It looks very similar,\" said Adamstein . \".
\"A corner of the gym is full of frosted glass, which is picked up very strongly in the house, especially in the kitchen,\" he said . \".
The concrete kitchen counter, like the surface of the Soma reception, shares \"pour, mix, color and material \". The greenish-
Italian frosted blue
Glass tiles on our bathroom and kitchen tailgate are also used in male dressing rooms, sauna and steam spa.
\"Hidden lighting also comes from commercial projects.
\"We put it behind the bookcase, behind the fireplace, on the dining room ceiling, in a bay next to the bedroom window,\" Adamstein said of diffuse lighting . \".
\"Lighting is definitely a space.
Diffuse is soft, it shines beautifully and is very flattering.
This is our restaurant job and you really want people to look good.
Obviously, certain objects have task lighting and focus lighting, so you will get a comparison.
\"All of this is controlled by a dimmer.
In their new home, the biggest challenge is to open up large spaces, create the entire glass wall and get married to the 20thand 21st-
Century style, while maintaining the entire structure looks \"as if the new house ate the old house,\" Demetriou said \".
In this regard, they were helped by the terrain.
Steep down slopes from the back of the existing house enable them to build a dream space 50 feet wide and 23 feet deep.
Even if there are two new ones
Living Room (level)
Hotel IndeBleu and Zatinya are doublelevel)
, A kitchen that leads to the informal dining area and family/recreation room, and three new bedrooms upstairs with 15-
Foot ceiling, huge rear addition barely visible from the street.
For passers-by, the bungalow still looks like a bungalow until its original porch post and Dormer railroad. The sky-
The bright new wing is a complement to the old house, not a imitation.
Looking out from the front door, The View goes from the new floating staircase to outside the living room window and the neighboring tree top with a total of \"oh wow \".
Sunset is a glorious year.
In winter without leaves, one can gaze west at Potomac\'s place in Virginia.
The formal dining room, once the living room, has a new lowered floating ceiling that draws people\'s attention and leads to half a limestone staircase
Story to the living room.
A clear glass barrier is raised from the main floor outside the stairs, allowing guests to overlook the sunken salon without hitting the inside.
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