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Stone block accumulation problem?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-12
Aiming at the problems existing stone block pushing, at present, Shi Lifang enterprise general outline or infrared detection device, the device to detect the stone image is not clear, image, for subsequent processing of stone material; And common stone material storage warehouse using qr code and record and store data, qr code is not able to see the product color decorative pattern, only to quickly find the product data, therefore the product data entry only by writing code list and can't let the user know the product color decorative pattern, solid surface sheets for sale pattern on each block of the same type are there might be a difference, even with the piece of block is different. A white stone is a big board accumulation is serious, select view Bai Huang material, big board needs to be frequently used navigation hoisting machinery: splint on the market, and the serious problem of plating can't split view panel, cause the bad influence of very large; Even directly into the yard, factories are difficult to choose to find the more unable to realize the remote: and waste a lot of manpower, material カ, electricity: sales also work hard sales efficiency is very low, product inventory product inventory, existing code list statements can't clear the enterprise leaders know; Fatal flaw of current management system of raw materials procurement, business leaders can no longer do purchasing raw materials, and waste material procurement staff of professional and technical problems, the language problem, and the degree of problem: need to clear a set of feasible, and simple way according to the purchase and sale of raw materials of management asked three and there is no complete product data management enterprise databases, and related product data; Promotion and marketing is very original, the efficiency is very low, not only conducive to management, and difficult to remote sales, customers can only make the scene to choose to learn more about the factory management enterprise and products; There is no perfect management and profit plan, the market will be difficult to carry out the process lies in the flat world guangxi industrial park, is a collection of natural solid surface sheets for sale mining processing in a body, the specialty is engaged in the production of solid surface sheets for sale stone products company, has deep industry for 12 years, with high quality products, excellent service and reliable customers.
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