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Stone processing knowledge

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-16
Quantity of domestic outfit stylist room skills company met a lot of owner, come up to ask how many square meters house decorate how many money? The question we really very embarrassed, decorate the house price also is not a theory of square meters charge, it takes more complex, the cost of quantity before decorate room is one of the most important step is also the first to be prepared, because they will be after the designer's measurement based on the data in according to the class that you want to decorate will give you a ballpark budget, let you have the preparation, we loosen the door quantity of stylist of adornment company provided free of charge, senior housing and budgeting, satisfaction to sign a contract for you to decorate, not satisfied do not charge any fee. Decoration designer how to amount of room for you, because the family is decorated in the project involved roughly divided into walls, ceiling, floor, doors, Windows, and so on several parts, all of the following is from different project measurement: 1, wall, metope, Including cylinders) Adornment material generally includes coating, wall mounted bar countertop, brick wall, wallpaper, soft bag, clapboard, the line that play a base, etc. When calculating area, material is different, different calculation method. Paint, wallpaper, soft package, according to the length times the area of high clapboard, calculate with square metre. Length is calculated based on net long main wall; Height: no dado from indoor floor to floor bottom; Dado is from dado vertex to floor bottom; Condole top ceiling from indoor ground ( Dado or vertex) Calculate to the ceiling along the add 20 cm. Of the door, window area shall be deducted, but don't deduct the line that play a horn, picture rail, a single area in 0. Holes within 3 square meters of area and the area of the beam head and net. On metope brick, wall mounted bar countertop and wall in real shop area in square meters calculation, installation playing Angle plate area is calculated on the net circumference interior walls, the unit is meters. 2, top surface: ceiling ( Including beam) The adornment material generally includes paint, condole top, vertex Angle ( Angle of decorative flower) And lighting ceiling, etc. Ceiling construction area according to the net area between the wall and wall to 'square meters' calculation, not deduct the partition wall, across the ceiling of the column, crib, and attached to the wall and other area of the chimney. Vertex Angle length according to the interior walls of net perimeter to 'm'. 3, the ground: the ground adornment material generally includes wooden floor, floor tile, or wall mounted bar countertop, carpet, stair tread and handrails, etc. Net area between ground area according to the wall and wall to calculate with square metre, not deduct partition wall, through the ground column, crib and attached chimney occupied area. Stair treads calculation according to the actual developed area in square meters of area, not deduct width within 30 centimeters of stairwell area; The length of the stair rails and the rail according to all its horizontal projection length ( Do not include wall length) , multiplied by the coefficient of 1. 15 to the factor calculation. The length of the other baluster and armrest directly according to the factor is calculated. 4, furniture to furniture area calculation has no fixed requirements, practice in general with the decoration company quotation shall prevail, general factor, square meters for the unit or item to statistics. But it is important to note that the unit of measurement for each furniture should be consistent, for example, do two wardrobes, cannot appear in a square meters for measuring unit, the other is the phenomenon of 'items' as the unit of measurement
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