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Stone processing knowledge

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-24
How to use the least amount of money - Decorate the most practical house many families limited economic conditions cannot decorate luxurious house, they want a practical and easy for our house decorate, not what luxurious air personality cool house, below decorates a design to teach you how to use the least amount of money to decorate the most practical: the best house always consider from the following several aspects: first: floor tile on steadfast floor tile is easy to wear, is too low is generally not wear-resisting, time grows easily scratched, looks 'scarred', your heart will regret it, then this time again want to change, will be cut up, even a trouble! Second, probably not prevent slippery floor tile is too cheap, easy to cause accident harm. And high-end brand floor tile quality and appearance are guaranteed, just look at the price in your heart will feel steadfast. So we salarymen listen up: buy floor tile absolutely not covet is cheap, careless. Second: electrical wiring, conduit, want money second, quality is the first electrical wiring, conduit, is also a big spending. Because is a big spending, people often don't pay attention to the quality, and only consider the price. As the saying goes, a penny a points goods, blindly covet is cheap, it will be difficult to guarantee quality, electrical wiring, conduit, if the quality is not up to standard, after the decoration will be inconvenient for the life, even become a safety hazard. Third: power socket could not be a less with the development of the household DianQiHua, household electrical appliances will be more and more, once the new appliances but there was no outlet, if you want to install difficult again, can only be dragged on the floor a mobile socket, how much more ugly ugly, also easy to stumble. Second, to avoid a few pieces of household appliances used at the same time a socket lead to overload, cause an accident. The correct way is: according to the housing area, in accordance with the professional electrical design, and comprehensive family appliances actual quantity, reasonable power socket, and set aside for use socket, to facilitate the expansion of the future. Fourth: one pace reachs the designated position, avoid tail 'on the first, just simply decorated, such as rich decoration again in the future. 'Some of the working class because of economic reasons, can save the province, in addition to the material on the decoration project is also' save '. Some of the items should have been completed, they tend to put on hold, until later.
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