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Stone spit yellow and rusty spot treatment

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-16
People to vomit yellow stone stone industry, rusty spot and straw rope phenomenon should have experience greatly, because most people for stone conservation this concept is known to cause such as weak, often wait to engineering problems arise to use 'which the unrest which' way to remedy, why don't we take the 'prevention' to put an end to the happening of the problem? First of all, we should make clear stone spit yellow and the formation causes of the phenomenon of rusty spot. 1. raw material iron content is higher, carbon dioxide and water into wall mounted bar countertop material surface in the air, and the stone inside the iron generates two iron oxide reaction, and is discharged through the stone wool stoma, forming the macula. 2. material surface residual iron filings in sawing process, such as the water wash not clean, long-term storage and the formation of rust. 3. Rusty spot caused by anchoring reinforcement rust. 4. products using straw rope strapping packaging, or under the influence of water be affected with damp be affected with damp, long stored or long-distance transportation, easy to cause stone. 5. wet hanging installation, cement mortar in solidification process, through the mortar stone wool stoma pigment out of wall mounted bar countertop material surface, form the spots, especially in light color or white stone ( Sir, such as white, white, Spain cream-colored) Most likely to appear this kind of phenomenon. Remove stone spit yellow phenomenon mentioned above can be divided into physical and chemical removal of the removal of the two. Physical removal: the macular with polishing abrasive wear off. But this method is suitable for tablet stone has not been installed, installed stone or special shape stone significance is not big, but work fee. Chemical removal: as we all know, rust iron hydroxide is the main ingredient and a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen HuaEr iron. So as long as the right materials and methods, the use of chemical removal is the most convenient and economic. There are two main types of traditional chemical cleaning agents, namely by hydrochloric acid, corrosion inhibitor, acid mist lifted up preparation, preparation such as activator of hydrochloric acid herbicides and oxalic acid herbicides ( Oxalic acid preparation of saturated solution) 。 Both has the advantage of cleaning fast, low cost, but if not timely after processing not flush or flushing, often backfire, unprocessed not yellowing, processing of 'relapse' instead, serious damage of stone material gloss. A lot of consumer to stone material maintenance is not on the heart, until the stone yellow, rusty spot problem just know remedy, etc. Today is for everybody to introduce stone material maintenance. Of stone material maintenance in general, protective treatment of stone material, maintenance and maintenance can be divided into: ( 1) Daily maintenance ( Daily) : vacuum cleaner, smoked, then dip in with dishcloth or mop can wipe clean water, where there is dirt, cleaning and maintenance agent or use dishcloth or mop scavenger of diluent wipe. ( 2) Months maintenance: once every two weeks to a month to make, use dishcloth or mop with cleaning and maintenance agent or scavenger diluent wipe. ( Note: at this time do not use general commercial cleaners cleaning) ( 3) Years maintenance: each year to do once a year, with cleaning and maintenance agent or removal agent to remove all kinds of dirt, the polished surface stone available stone protective agent or polishes combination machine for processing. ( Note: at this time please refer to the cleaning and protective treatment instructions) To sum up, the stone is a very noble materials, curing method is more special, the cleaning alone don't have to use special stone cleaner, general cleaning agent not only cannot achieve the effect, still can keep part of the fluoride in stone, but hurt the wall mounted bar countertop, so proposal consumer: before cleaning stone should be careful to select the appropriate cleaning agent and protective agent. processing stone processing.
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