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The Benefits of Installing Solid Surface Countertops in Your Commercial Space


Solid Surface Countertops constructed of fireproof board, stainless steel countertops, and natural stone worktops such as marble and granite are currently available on the market. Among so many materials, consider the advantages of solid surface countertops.

Solid Surface Countertops are available in a wide range of hues. Solid surface countertops and natural stone, with a very wide variety of patterns and colors, are different, but when compared to natural stone, its color is more very, can give consumers more options, so consumers can make arbitrary choices to meet the needs of different grades of solid surface countertops to do cabinet table.

There are several color series available

Solid Surface Countertops Mesa will not differ in color, and the weight is light. Some people are constantly scared to choose the stone as a cabinet table because a color difference will impair the decoration effect; however, this fear can be eliminated when you choose solid surface counters. Because the surface of solid surface countertops is highly flat and lacks pores, oil cannot easily permeate the stone, and its anti-pollution ability remains strong while being reasonably easy to clean. Because it is processed with stone powder, the solid surface countertops are comparatively thin, the weight is relatively light, the cabinet pressure is lower, and the service life is longer.

• Stitching is seamless

The solid surface countertops are manufactured with seamless stitching technology, which makes them more compact. In general, if the size of the cabinet table is rather large or if there is a need to turn, splicing will occur. At this point, the solid surface countertops must be cut and processed into many different shapes, combined into a pattern that matches the specifications. Then the stone mesa is spliced into using seamless stitching technology. After polishing technology is used, the result is quite good. This seamless docking method makes the cabinet table appear one piece of stone, with no visible stitching. The ornamental impact is excellent.

• It's more environmentally friendly and healthier

Furthermore, the usage of solid surface countertops and cabinet tables is not only more environmentally friendly but also better for people's health. As we all know, solid surface countertops are made of natural ore powder, fat, and natural pigment after casting and specific treatment. Because the resin in these materials is a functional additive, solid surface countertops have excellent environmental protection performance. There is no health risk if food comes into contact with this type of stone. It is an excellent material for the manufacture of modern kitchen cabinet designs. As a result, many modern house decorators will opt for solid surface counters with resin composition as kitchen mesa. It is not only visually appealing but also beneficial to one's health and the environment.

Of course, there are now uneven solid surface countertops market phenomenon. Consumers in the purchase must also pay attention to recognize the characteristics of the commodity, the best to choose those brands, high reputation of the product to buy. It is recommended not to buy that solid surface countertops price is too low because the stone may contain toxins, and do not meet health standards. Consumers should be careful to buy, Don't go for cheap blindly.


1. Do not leave hot things on solid surface counters for an extended period; use a heat insulation cushion or thermal protection pad.

2. Do not chop fruit and vegetables on the surface; use a cutting board.

3. Prevent powerful chemicals from coming into touch with the surface of solid surface countertops.

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