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Solid Surface vs Quartz Countertop, Which is Better?


We must choose cabinet door panels, countertops, and hardware while selecting kitchen cabinets. These need to be carefully chosen and cannot be careless. KKR will concentrate on cabinet countertops today. For cabinet countertops, there aren't many choices. Artificial stone countertops and quartz stone countertops are the two that people choose the most. Many clients are dependent on these two. Today, KKR Solid Surface will clarify your questions and determine whether quartz or fake stone countertops are superior.

Quartz surfaces

Crushed glass and quartz sand are used to make quartz countertops. The benefit of quartz stone is that it is scratch- and wear-resistant. It is suitable for large-scale floor and wall use and has strong heat resistance. It can be used as a variety of bathroom countertops. The splicing is seamless and durable. Quartz stone is a new type artificially synthesized by more than 90% of quartz crystals plus bark and other trace elements. It is a more durable and affordable material than artificial stone.

Advantages of Quartz Surfaces:

1. Pollution-free

Quartz stone is a composite substance that is dense and non-porous and is created under vacuum. In the kitchen, its quartz surface offers good corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis. Liquid compounds that are utilized on a regular basis won't get inside. Simply wash the liquid from the surface with clean water or a cleaning agent, and if required, scrape off the remaining substance with a blade.

2. Not easy to scratch

Up to 93% of quartz is included in quartz stone. The only other naturally occurring mineral with a harder surface than quartz crystal is diamond. Its surface hardness, which is far higher than that of sharp culinary utensils like knives and shovels and cannot be scratched or harmed, can reach a maximum of 7 on the Mohs scale.

3. Cannot burn

A typical refractory material is natural quartz crystal. It has a melting point of up to 1300 degrees. The 93% natural quartz content of quartz stone makes it entirely flame resistant and ensures that it won't burn when exposed to high temperatures. Additionally, it has a great temperature resistance that is unmatched by counters made of imitation stone. characteristic.

4. Radiation- and toxic-free

Quartz stone has a surface that is level, smooth, and free of retention and scratches. Bacteria cannot hide in the dense, non-porous material structure, which allows for direct contact with food while remaining safe and non-toxic.

5. Whether or if it is old

The quartz stone countertop's dazzling, brand-new surface has gone through more than 30 laborious Huaguang treatment procedures. Knives and shovels won't scratch it; liquids won't get inside of it; and it won't turn yellow or discolor. Daily scrubbing only requires that Rinse with fresh water just, that's all. Without maintenance or upkeep, its surface remains as dazzling as a newly fitted countertop even after extended joint use.

Shortcoming Of Quartz surfaces:

The quartz stone countertop is more expensive than other stone materials, and because it is difficult to work with, it only comes in a single shape.

There will be gaps if uninterrupted connection cannot be made.

Countertops made of synthetic stone

Unsaturated polyester resin is combined with fillers, colors, and an initiator before going through a series of manufacturing steps to create artificial stone. The three primary categories of contemporary artificial stone worktops are composite acrylic countertops, pure acrylic countertops, and artificial quartz stone countertops.

Even if you want to create a countertop with a unique shape, the artificial stone countertop is simple to work with and can be combined with the sink. There are also no hygienic dead ends, and the surface is seamless and smooth. Additionally, the feel is softer the higher the composition of artificial stone.

Advantage Of Synthetic Stone:

1. Any length can be seamlessly connected. The adhesive from the same material can be glued and polished to make it seamless and natural-looking.

2. Artificial stone countertops come in a wide range of colors. Grinding can be used to restore fake stone that has surface blemishes.

3. The artificial stone countertop's surface is smooth and devoid of capillary pores, making it difficult for stains like water and oil to seep inside.

4. The fake stone countertop is a great countertop stone and can avoid some of the radiation issues with genuine stone.

5. Artificial stone that contains a lot of aluminum powder typically has very high levels of resistance to high temperatures, acid and alkali, stamping, and penetration.

Shortcoming Of Synthetic Stone:

1. It is simple to make marks with hard objects.

2. There are many different types of faux stone on the market, both good and terrible.

The two most popular artificial stone countertops and quartz stone countertops in cabinet countertops have the following benefits and drawbacks. Some clients prefer quartz stone countertops, so it's difficult to say which of these two cabinet countertops is superior; the answer depends on your preferences.

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