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Solid Surface vs. Granite: Which is the Better Countertop Material?


Don't believe the stove and range hood are vital while decorating the kitchen. The selection of kitchen countertops is critical. The premise of all food processing, electrical appliance placement, and sometimes the problem of water collection is to have a hard enough kitchen countertop! Following that, KKR Solid Surface will determine which countertop is more resistant to pressure for kitchen murderers who are easily destroyed!

• Granite

Granite is a type of tectonic rock created by lava erupting from volcanic eruptions in a molten condition under high pressure to the earth's crust. The lava does not erupt from the ground, but instead gradually cools and solidifies underground. Acidic igneous rocks, the color of which is determined by the type and amount of constituents present. The granite is dense and hard. Granite has a dense structure, high compressive strength, low water absorption, high surface hardness, good chemical stability, and long durability but is not fire resistant.

• Solid Surface

Solid surface is a common countertop material that comes in two varieties: seamless and seamed. When compared to natural stone, solid surface lacks several radioactive components that are harmful to human health. 

It features more vibrant designs and colors, is made with no visible seams, and can be polished and refurbished frequently.

The most popular countertop materials on the market are solid surface and granite. The designed stone joints are smooth and inconspicuous, with no obvious joint gaps. Light-colored granite countertops, on the other hand, will have visible seams.

In comparison to the two, a Solid Surface is preferred.

1. Solid surface materials may be cut at whim and formed into distinctive forms and radians, making them perfect for adding various countertop accessories. Furthermore, imitation stone can be easily inlaid with various materials to create an attractive countertop design.

2. The color of the solid surface mesa is particularly rich and stunning; it is made of natural pigment, and the surface color made of natural pigment has good stability, luster lasting, and will not fade, even if it is exposed to the scorching sun for an extended period.

3. Man-made mesa It has particularly excellent processing performance, can be processed into any possible shape, achieves true seamless splicing, and solid surface grade high and low, which is also represented in its processing technology level: solid surface mesa joints of high quality smooth and smooth, natural, mesa and water bar, mesa and wash Lai basin joint transition natural, fine grinding.

4. Table density is also a quality criterion: generally good solid surface table without pores, mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms cannot survive and will not be penetrated by any liquid. Very stubborn stains can be easily removed by cleaning agent that are heat resistant, flame retardant, antibacterial, non-toxic, and completely can be in contact with food.

KKR Solid Surface heated tips: stove and table surface contact issue. In general, there is a layer of heat insulation glue on the bottom of the stove, and it has a specified thickness, so it will undoubtedly be higher than the table, but it must be closed with no gaps.

If there is a gap, it can only mean that the table is uneven, the two stoves are uneven, or the rubber pad has worn out. Choose holistic cabinets and personalize the Good Life at www.kkrsolidsurface.com

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